Poll: What's your favourite levels + reasons?

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Post by Faldion » 10-09-2005 11:17

I've enjoyed:
Level 10 - That was great!
Level 14 - It was a great feeling when the answer dawned on me and I knew it was correct!
Level 25 - An awesome one... To see the answer there... Wow!
Level 31 - A nice idea.
Level 35 - Grand, a great idea.
Level 38 - Got it almost straight away :)
Level 41 - Meep meep!
Level 52 - Definitely one of the greatest levels ever... Perfect!
Level 64 - Truly a great feeling when the hints tied together..
Level 65 - Another very creative level.
Level 72 - You know why... The most creative one so far!
Level 77 - Yet another great one... I liked the way it misleads you :)
Level 78 - For something completely different ;)
Level 81 - I love it!
Level -5 - I'm interested in the subject..
Level -15 - Quite good.
Level -16 - I like the ones where I have to play with the bgsound!
Level -20 - More incredible creativity.
Level -22 - My own riddle has a similar one :)
Level -28 - Rum rum rum rum!

Currently at -31, struggling to discover more favourites..

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Post by nostalgia » 10-09-2005 12:40

#7, #14, #33, #45 I learn more about European Language(maybe?)
Decode levels like #16 is fun.
creative #26~29! Also #50.
#72 is unforgettable! I used school computers to print it out, that's really fun^^
#74 about ASL is also a good level, I use Flashget to d/l 1000 pics:P
#80...I cheat it@@

in addition, I love all negatives^.^

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Post by Kisa » 10-09-2005 12:45

I loved 76 :)

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Post by Sam_Atoms » 10-09-2005 12:57

My favorite levels are 21, 35, 63, 79, -11, and -25...... so far........
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Post by meep98324 » 11-10-2005 03:35

All of the 60's. They all had really creative answers, which were a lot of fun to got.

edit: gotta add 72 and 78.
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Post by Rincewind SW » 11-10-2005 18:48

Hee hee, I guess all the ones I was stuck on for a long time!

4 - Because it is notpr0n. It is what gets you playing.

12- XD Look at it boogie!

21- Got stuck. This was the first "monitor smasher" and indeed the first adrenaline rush once I got it!

30- Nice idea, good route to the answer, and I found that David M shared my birthday, 13/07 (or 07/13 in America). I just got annoyed by his face. :-P

39- Answer made me laugh. I must've done that loads of times when I was about 10.

44- Yayness! I liked this one and indeed solving it by a fluke - I pm'd Orio for a hint and while I was uploading what I'd done in Imageshack I saw the small pic and realised the final step. Yay!

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Post by chulen » 12-10-2005 03:27

i liked all the 70's (except 70), specially 72, 74, 76, 77, 78 and 79... they were really creative, though and fun

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Post by deethelurker » 12-10-2005 06:24

I loved level 45. It was relatively straightforward, yet at the same time I learned quite a bit from it. Level 54 was a great deal of fun because I felt like I got a little prize out of it. And level 61? Even though I cursed like a sailor while attempting to solve it, once I did I let out a little whoop and a holler and I had to admit how much fun I had solving it.

*sighs* Oh for the innocence of those relatively low levels....

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Post by Shenmue » 27-12-2005 15:43

I must say like chulen, the 70's were very fun.


10 was a great sound-editing level.
14, cause it was more like a classic riddle and it seemed so obvious once solved.
16, it was complex and smart.
21, just like 16.
35, great idea, and fun seeing the answer.
44, smart one.
45, smart.
58, simple and great.
61, I like the complexity of this one.
76, the best level of them all. So fun working on, and so smart!
81, even though I had major problems downloading the file, it was still a great idea.

All in all 76, 21 and 61 are the best in that order.
So far none of the negatives have been especially great, but I suppose it will come. :)

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Post by Kisa » 27-12-2005 15:56

If you like the "busy" levels the most, you'll like level -24 ;)

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Post by Hex » 27-12-2005 16:39

I'm probably the only one who liked the music levels... I thought 63 was pure genius.

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Post by BunnyS » 27-12-2005 16:43

I liked the music levels :) but 63 drove me nuts lol

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Post by Shenmue » 27-12-2005 18:57

I hate the music-levels, but 63 was ok, it didn't require that much skill in music either. And -8 was pretty easy.

Yeah, I like the levels where you have to do alot. You forget the easy ones so fast. But I did not like 79 and -6 even though they were "busy" ones.

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Post by Orio » 27-12-2005 19:21

50, Because just a few days before it I read about these stuff.
72- VERY creative.
80 :D
81 Pure creativity
-8 was nice, had to mention it.
-16 was nice, too.
-24 I love these levels \o/
-34 Took me a while, but the happiness when I found it was worth it.
-35 same as -24, I love these stuffs.
-38 <spoiler removed ;)> Rockzz
Epsilon- Cool one.
Kappa- Couldnt believe when I found out what I was supposed to find.

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Post by mikxer » 27-12-2005 20:28

comercial break after lvl 30 was the best :D :D and i think funniest moment was when my friend wrote "tollesbild" in lvl 31 :D :D rotfl couldnt stop laughing :D

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