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Poll: What's your favourite levels + reasons?

Posted: 23-11-2004 15:00
by DavidM
Name em! :)

Posted: 23-11-2004 15:34
by pointnumberone
8 was tough but creative.

18, I think? It's tough to remember specific levels. But it's always fun searching for a little pron.

45 was great; I just liked the concept of that a lot.

Whichever one had girly.jpg, as well. Took me forever to figure out what I had to do, but once it dawned on me it seemed so easy.

Gotta love the calculator, too. (39, I think? Something like that.)

Posted: 23-11-2004 20:57
by junimond_
*hähem* until three minutes ago i thought that it was #23 for we have to go on i think:D

but so far it was #7(lol) #20 #21

we continue

Posted: 23-11-2004 21:47
by emjay
i liked 52 a lot cuz it made you think... especially when you live somewhere that doesn't use that system!

Posted: 23-11-2004 21:49
by smutje
#16 (version 1.0): very nice idea, finding out the correct decoding system and after that interpreting the picture

#21: much work though, but also a very nice idea

#22: i loved talking to you david :D

#54: showed me once again, that i'm seeing things too complicated ;P

Posted: 24-11-2004 05:08
by LycanthroLabs
I really liked 48... just a well thought out riddle that really made you think as much as research.

Posted: 24-11-2004 05:37
by cookieoflife
They are all amazing... but i especially like #50. Watching people go from 50-53 in a few seconds will never get old.

Posted: 24-11-2004 06:50
by Guy Weldo
#24 - I've always liked doing that with numbers of my own

#34 - Fun little rebus, suprised we haven't had more

#39 - Used to mess around with that technique in school

#44 - I enjoy all the graphic ones, this one I liked best

#45 - Tough one, but fun once you get on the right track

#51 - Was a PITA, I only like it for the answer. :cool: Where's the orange smoke?

Posted: 25-11-2004 05:35
by Erin
ARGH I should'nt have clicked this cos I don't like reading stuff about future levels! I'm on #44.

Can't be bothered remembering the numbers, but I liked all the ones where the sound file was a clue, including the meep meep one and the roawr one. It's so much fun playing with the file and finding messages.

Also, the sound file you've got makes awesome background music. Can't believe that slowed down it sounds so scary when it's so harmless!

Didn't like: getting porn when I got a wrong answer. :confused: Now that mess is on my hard drive!

Posted: 25-11-2004 05:39
by DavidM
an old level design trick. if you wanna create atmosphere just get a harmless sound and make it loop but super slow. pitched down 3 octaves

Posted: 26-11-2004 19:22
by DeusExMachina
18 was the music one, right? If so, that was definitely the coolest.

Posted: 26-11-2004 19:24
by red star
i liked the first one - because I was able to solve it imidiately without any help :lol: :p

Posted: 28-11-2004 00:38
by Jocelyn
Im hating 8 right now. lol. Im sure I will like it when Im done.

Posted: 28-11-2004 09:24
by veryhardgame
I liked 65, its really creative.

Posted: 28-11-2004 18:17
by DeusExMachina
Yeah, 65 was awesome. 66 was really cool too, although it was kind of easy. Also, I just loved 59. Which one ws 54 again?