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Post by Tachik » 22-03-2005 07:03

... I have a mac so I can't right click to see a source code.... how can I view it?

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Post by jooly » 23-03-2005 15:54

View, source

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reading source??

Post by paysonsmama » 03-10-2005 00:29

OK guys, I know what source is and how to view it, I am just really confused as to what to do with it, am I supposed to read, or devipher it somehow?? I don't see any obvious clues or naything that means much of anything to me, any help PLEASE!!!!!!!!

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Post by Orio » 03-10-2005 09:01

sometimes in the source there are clues.
there are 2 types of clues:
1. the comment clue: written between <!-- here is a clue -->
2. clues wich can be the picture's name, the bg music, etc.


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Post by Turdaëwen » 04-10-2005 14:19

aic2276 wrote: I find that quite amusing myself. :lol:

Can't believe there are 5 pages explaining source code. everything is on the first page.

well, I find it quite amusing, too, but, I don't think that everything is explained on the first page...
If someone doesn't even know what an HTML is (and thinks the internet works with a magic window you write cute stuff and it shows images and text), how will they understand and locate information in a source code?? lol
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Post by Rincewind SW » 04-10-2005 17:27

That's what notpr0n's all about: it makes you think: right, WTF is this weird source thing? It looks weird. But then you see odd letters that don't form words... aha... codes! And how do I translate them? <!-- Wow, awesome clue! -->

Ooh, magic. And now I can read HTML in source codes whereas I'd never heard of it before level 8 or whatever level first needs source.

But yeah I don't see the point in posting on this thread if you have questions. Read the whole thing not just the title. BurntDollar's post was funny BTW. :D

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Post by WL08 » 03-11-2005 02:44

^^ same way if u use opera...

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Post by NotPronADDICT!!! » 31-01-2006 01:22

By temp internet files I assume you mean cookies?

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Post by Jay2k1 » 31-01-2006 10:53

Temporary Internet Files is the so-called "cache", so its not just cookies. What were you referring to?

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Post by Kisa » 31-01-2006 11:32

To clear the cache:

For IE:
Click "Tools", then "Internet Options", then click on "Delete Files". Hit "Ok" and again "Ok" and you're done.

For Firefox:
Click "Tools", then "Options" (note: in Linux/Mac OS X, "Edit", then "Preferences"), then click on "Privacy Options" and "Clear Cache Now". Hit "Ok" and you're done.

For Opera:
Click "Tools", then "Preferences ...", then click on "Advanced", "History" and "Empty now". Hit "Ok" and you're done.

For Netscape and Mozilla:
Click "Edit", then "Preferences", then click on "Advanced", "Cache" and "Clear Cache". Hit "Ok" and you're done.

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Post by Kisa » 31-01-2006 11:38

Same for viewing the source follows as soon as I found instructions in ENGLISH ...

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Post by rorrimimage » 01-03-2006 01:55

i've got I.E.:
I can get to the source code but i think for some levels you need to edit the suorce code or i changed it and pressed 'save' didn't quite work...what do i need to do? (don't yell at me, plz)

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Post by downandout » 01-03-2006 01:58

No dont change the source code, Only thing you need to change to pass levels are URLS, or for other levels enter a un/pw into the un/pw box

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Post by janni93 » 01-03-2006 02:00

you don't need to change the source code for any level, so viewing is fine :)

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Still not working....

Post by Tripleblue52 » 14-04-2006 02:00

:blabla: Uh.... Its still not working for me... I really did press it, and I really did clear out cookies and files (including offline content) and view source is not working... I really don't know what to do at all! ::Pfffff:: Please help me! This "game" looks fun!

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