Level 66

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Re: Level 66

Postby frkyjenn » 17-11-2013 16:47

All possible hints are given. You will clearly see the answer once you find the source and do something. :)
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Re: Level 66

Postby okimeow » 21-11-2013 01:11

Augh. This took me way too long to figure out. The "next screen" was a wrong turn. And then I wouldn't have been able to figure it out if I hadn't been using my boyfriend's laptop with its super touchy trackpad...
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Re: Level 66

Postby Ope » 18-01-2014 22:09

hey, I solved the previous levels in kinda short timespan, but i am on this level for like 2 yrs now haha (obviously with long breaks). However, I also found the next screen thing, even found minus levels, hinting that i took the wrong way there :D anyways, not looking for some specific hints, but was curious about that super touchy trackpad... what do you mean, like some small link, that you didnt see before and you just randomly clicked on it? I also tried everything with the pron, where the source should be, but only got to the next screen...is the pron involved some more and required to solve it ?
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Re: Level 66

Postby amh » 07-01-2015 08:29

Sensational level .....with notpr0n, there is always something lurking, somewhere ........ready to amaze....:) Think about what frkyjenn said about "source"
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Re: Level 66

Postby TheEpicLucas » 10-05-2016 21:38

Is the name of the jpg relevant? Because if it is at least I know I have some ideas even though nothing seems to work xD

Also... does it have to do with the "src" in the source code? Sorry if this is a spoiler I'm going nuts
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Re: Level 66

Postby LetsDoItAndSolveIt » 10-05-2016 22:20

pm me with your ideas and we will see whats going on !
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Re: Level 66

Postby azure » 17-10-2016 22:27

Shouldn't one of the hints on this level be updated to reflect the "updates to infrastructure?"

edit: Thanks Jay! Much betta for the poor stuck peeples
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Re: Level 66

Postby Jay2k1 » 17-10-2016 23:40

You can PM me here or on IRC why you think so.
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Re: Level 66

Postby Dars » 16-11-2016 21:30

This isn't purely a guessing game. You're supposed to first think logically about the information you're given, even if it's seems like you have to guess. If you do that properly, you'll be able to narrow the number of potential sources from nearly infinite to the single digits, and from there you should be able to find the source.
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Re: Level 66

Postby Stuckon52Forever » 08-10-2017 03:59

Oh nice.... another level where guessing stuff is the only way to proceed.

Obviously I know the source code has nothing to do with "the source"

Haven't found anything about it except the two pron pics with letters. Finding them was guess work already, and reading this thread it seems the pron is not even related to this level. I thought I was on the way to something when me and my friend started searching for all the pron in order to find letters and form a word. This is the only thing that would make sense in this level since "the source knows it was all among the pr0n", only logical to search for all the pr0n. We didn't get a full word from this, but I'm pretty sure I guessed what it is, but of course it isn't the answer.

Water source?
Source of the music? Since it is not the first time we hear it?

There are lots of nice levels in this game, but levels like this one are just frustrating and devoid of logic. It seems there are more and more levels like this as we progress through the game.

And it's even more frustrating since using the forum for hints definitely feels like I'm cheating my way through, since there are extra hints that are not part of the level...
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Re: Level 66

Postby Asriel » 08-10-2017 14:15

You are thinking too hard on this one,you can PM me and i'll try to guide you
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Re: Level 66

Postby amanda » 29-11-2017 19:18

I was missing just a little and stupid detail when writing the answer...just remember how to write properly stuff once you get the answer.
think about "...among pr0n..."
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Re: Level 66

Postby Nishi » 05-12-2017 03:21

can someone help me with the "screen ahead" thing? i'm running out of ideas.
hope this is not a spoiler
edit: nvm got it.
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Re: Level 66

Postby secondcoming » 03-03-2018 04:28

stuck here i am

edit: yeah, i did it
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Re: Level 66

Postby Sauzels » 13-03-2018 13:42

Artyom wrote:Um... at what I believe to be the source, I have found the hint "the source is on <...>". But that doesn't tell me anything. Was this hint for this level at all?

I have this same question. Does this put me on the right track?
I can't even find the "next screen" message everyone's talking about... This level is driving me insane, and I think my one-track mind isn't helping at all
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