Level 36

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Re: Level 36

Postby rnahspy » 20-04-2019 07:24

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Re: Level 36

Postby amh » 20-04-2019 18:38

PandaBacon wrote:Hey there, Im stuck in this level, and I tried to add help.htm to the url (The title is "some are so limited", so I thought it would be fun to ask for help, like me being so limited or dumb) and I found a message saying that I'm cheating and my IP was registered... Is this going to stop me to finish the game later or something like that? I don't want be treated as a cheater :(

You can ignore that cheat page. Real traps begin later and if you hit one, you will know...
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Re: Level 36

Postby PandaBacon » 22-04-2019 15:23

Thanks for the answers guys! Im having so much fun with this game!
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