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Do you like spoilers?

No, the fun comes alone from solving it on my own!
From time to time when I'm really stuck...
I regularly keep googling and asking for solutions.
Gimme a list with all answers so I can have fun!!
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Post by Dronak » 13-03-2005 17:09

Well, I didn't vote (yet). But assuming spoliers means the answers/solutions to the puzzles, no, I don't really like them. I'd prefer to get hints when I'm stuck, starting on the subtle side and getting progressively more obvious if I continue to remain stuck. But if after all the hints and much contemplation on my own, I might accept a spoiler in order to continue. Fortunately, I haven't needed someone to give me any actual answers yet, hints of varying degrees of strength have been enough.

P.S. -- obsolete machine, maybe it would be a good idea to save the method of solving the level, too, and not just the l/p pair? That way it will be easier to redo it when you have to.

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Post by perikles » 16-03-2005 18:38

no spoilers!!!!!!!!!
God save the hints when you are really out of way!!!!!!!!

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Post by silkstitches » 06-04-2005 22:12

when i started playing this game it took me awhile the forums because I felt like that was even cheating. but i'm over that now, i'm dependent on this forum I think. maybe even addicted. which i feel guilty about, wish i could do it without any help. I wanna win for real otherwise why play


Post by david_g » 07-04-2005 00:30

If you think winning "for real" means doing it without ever getting any hints from anyone, not even through irc or these forums, then I don't think it's possible to have any "real winners" of the game.

There are lots of levels that lots of people can do without help, but I doubt anyone's gotten through more than even 20% of the levels entirely on their own, without any hints from anywhere.

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Post by amalyn » 07-04-2005 00:52

I couldn't do it without hints, I don't have the ambition to solve everything all on my own. I don't play this to "win", I want to solve riddles. And I will gladly accept help, as long as in the end it's still me who does the actual solving. See what I mean? I did some levels together with a friend, which was fun 'cause we could exchange ideas and put our thoughts together. That was fine, cause we were both clueless and when we reached the next level I knew I had done my share to get there.
So just goint out there searching for the right words is not an option for me. I don't wanna judge people who want or need a spoiler once in a while, as long as they don't spoil it for me or other who want to solve the riddles themselves.

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Post by puckoberon » 07-04-2005 11:15

I just try anything that pops up in my mind. Only if that gets me nowhere, I read the first page of the corresponding thread, if that gets me nowhere, I read the entire thread. Got me to lvl 50 right now. But I do have to say that I think of having benefited from reading these threads before the spring cleaning of the past weeks...

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Post by ChrisChris » 09-04-2005 19:31

there's nothing good about spoilers.
i've used some hints which i read in this forum though....

spoilers bad
hints good


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Post by Kamerolifant » 09-04-2005 19:49

Easy choice!

Spoilers suck, but a good hint isn't very unwelcome when you're really stuck...

I think the most forum threads are way to full of hints so it can be really easy for the notpronners in those levels... Maybe they should be cleared out and start all over...

But that's just my opinion. =)


Post by david_g » 09-04-2005 19:58

We try to clean them out every once in a while. If you find a thread that gives most of the level away, just post in it saying you think the thread should be flashed.

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Post by Wayfarer » 27-04-2005 16:21

Spoilers aren't necessary but hints are about 80% of the time. Even just a little nudge or encouragement is all it takes.

On my way through the levels (started about 19th March) there was always just enough hints in the forums from following in the wake of the 1337 set! It's great to solve a riddle without looking at the forum at all though.

The problem when there is a sparsity of hints is that you can get completely stuck in a rut and may have to quit the game. If you can't move past a level then that's it : there are no more Notpron riddles ever!

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Post by camomiletea » 28-04-2005 03:20

I accidentally came across spoilers for levels 7 and 53. It sucked! Down with spoilers!!!1eleventyone

On the other hand a good hint when you are stuck is very welcome. I had nearly given up on level 21, all because I simply missed one important step... Got it with a bit of help from friend, but was sort of apprehensive about the future levels after this almost fiasco, thinking I won't get any of the higher ones. Hehe, now on 74 plus side and 8 on the minus side.... :p

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Post by dontasklaisa » 19-10-2005 00:59

my friend and i have been working together on it through msn as well...we're getting there with no Cheats. if one gets it before the other, we give hints to help the other out.

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Post by MiJu » 16-11-2005 21:13

i do the same but yesterday she just told me exactly what to do and that really sucks -.-
i want to have fun with notpron and i think solving the riddle by myself is the only way to have fun with it :S okay sometimes it's really no fun if you're stuck but well thats the way it goes
my english sucks :D

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Post by Qtamo » 01-12-2005 15:50

I want hints rather, it's more fun to solve it yourself even if you're quite near (wich means the answer lied under your nose, and you didn't know it)

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Post by Runa » 14-01-2006 20:56

I ask for hints, but really hate having spoilers :devil:

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