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Posted: 11-03-2005 17:51
by supamom
What words can you see in the source?

Posted: 11-03-2005 17:51
by supamom
Name the next object in this sequence

Posted: 28-05-2009 08:53
by RBX
Well, I know where the symbols are from and I found them - but now I can't find a correlation between them which could lead to a 4th.
Do I need the ENGLISH version of this IM?

EDIT: solved ; )

Posted: 16-06-2009 06:47
by yojoe1221
i am the most unoriginal, sorry being that they know
I tried every thing on that list before i got it...


Posted: 18-07-2009 17:52
by Akik0
do I really need to download this 'thing'? and install it? :(

Posted: 19-07-2009 03:14
by frkyjenn
no downloading needed


Posted: 21-08-2009 02:47
by Evilsbane
frkyjenn wrote:no downloading needed
The only way I solved this level was by having and using it... google wasn't much help. That's just me, though.

Re: Level 38

Posted: 31-10-2009 00:07
by crazylilduck
You must be a pro user to know that straight off! I had to google... :)

Re: Level 38

Posted: 19-11-2009 18:09
by JohnDoe
Need help:

Found the answer, reached a passbox, but the answer doesn't fit there. Do I need another user:pass?


One step back. GOT IT!
THX again.

Re: Level 38

Posted: 19-11-2009 18:21
by frkyjenn
There isn't a password pop up box for this level. It's a url change.

You might need to re enter the last username/password combo (I think that was level 35, wasn't it?) or you might have the wrong answer and are trying to access a future level.

You can pm me if you want.

Re: Level 38

Posted: 14-06-2010 00:22
by robodude
I think I know what the fourth item is, and what the pattern is, but when I type it in, it takes me to another disturbing egg! :'( Can I PM someone to make sure I'm on the right track? The pattern I found is just too good to be wrong, but I think it is...

Re: Level 38

Posted: 14-06-2010 00:27
by frkyjenn
you can pm me.. might take me awhile to answer.. I have to get offline for about an hour.

Re: Level 38

Posted: 14-06-2010 03:06
by robodude
lol thanks jenn... wow... I'm blind... :|

Re: Level 38

Posted: 02-12-2010 20:14
by Whiplash
Oh noes! So I think I know what 'thing' i'm supposed to be looking through but after trying all the more obvious selections I chose a not so obvious answer and got routed to level 41... Could I PM someone to see if I'm even on the right track?

Re: Level 38

Posted: 02-12-2010 21:24
by frkyjenn