Level 35

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Postby supamom » 27-03-2005 21:42

To which other website could the image be hinting you?
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Postby mcbunnyface » 17-05-2009 21:39

I got all the hints, but when I put it together, it doesn't lead me anywhere useful. Am I suppose to find the answer there? Or is it suppose to be another clue? Or am I missing something?
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Postby Cowley » 17-05-2009 21:42

Do you really have all hints found? ;)
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Re: Level 35

Postby Kamiocandy » 30-12-2010 15:14

I'm stuck, as well. I got the two parts of one hint together and used them with what the image hinted at. Is this it? No combination I can think of is a valid login/password.

Edit: Gosh, I'm a moron. My view was too abstract.
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Re: Level 35

Postby slashx » 13-04-2011 08:41

had to be one of the easiest ones so far. still cool tho :D
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Re: Level 35

Postby antigrav » 24-10-2016 21:32

I've found a handful of hints (yes, the "other website" mentioned earlier) that seem to point to one thing, or at least one topic, but all the two-word combos I'm trying bomb out. Got to be missing something obvious. Um...I am not really familiar with the topic in question. Can't say more without being specific. Help? Thank you!
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Re: Level 35

Postby amh » 24-10-2016 21:37

You can PM me
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Re: Level 35

Postby Pedantic » 04-07-2018 04:11

Sort of reminds me of a song.
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