Level 78

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Hint 1

Postby Kisa » 10-03-2005 21:37

Check the source. Is this pseudocode?
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Hint 2

Postby Kisa » 10-03-2005 21:37

Time for sports!
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Re: Level 78

Postby paulyb01 » 02-11-2009 04:22

ow. That last one hurt my bottom....
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Re: Level 78

Postby goelanroti » 19-12-2010 15:39

The RightLeg function is defined with a "L" in capital letter, nevertheless, the command is written with a "l" in small letters : in theory, because programming is case-sensitive, the Rightleg command should not work ... It's a little mistake, but in the way to create a perfect riddle, David should correct this one. :)
I will send him a pm.
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Re: Level 78

Postby IICatzII » 30-10-2016 17:03

Well i got ***** am i doing something wrong?
when it says gives me this.. (something == out) and so on

just tell me if im right or wrong in someway
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Re: Level 78

Postby amh » 31-10-2016 19:49

On the right path, keep going..

.. but please DON'T put level information here, it spoils for other players. Ask in PM here or in the Notpron IRC channel.
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Re: Level 78

Postby PhafaeL » 09-01-2019 15:53

The music is not playing on Firefox... at least not on my computer. I had to open it on WMP for it to play.
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Re: Level 78

Postby tomatao » 03-02-2019 07:33

actually, you don't need the music
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