Where did you first read/hear about notpron ?

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Post by supamom »

The owner of a website which i co-manage found it and put it up on our fun and games section. Many of our members have come to see, but couldn't get past about level5 and gave up, but not Flamesparrow and i, we went on to level 80, which is where i am now!
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first pr0n? hmmm...

Post by spyder_hawk »

hehehe, well lets see..my ex-gf's son brought it to her attention who in turn brought it to the attention of my girl (since their both good friends). After they got stumped at level 11 ;) :lol: they decided I had to see this. Little did they know they would create an obsession, sleepless nights, and that I would whup their butts so bad it hurts!!

Even if I am still working on 80.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Post by nighthawk263 »

Like AnacondaHL I found it off collegehumor.com and when I through the first 4 levels I felt very high about it, then when I got stuck for about an hour on #5 I became compelled to finish it all.
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Post by skutieos »

i found notpr0n on http://www.lazylaces.com
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Post by calitopgun »

Found it by accident on ebaumsworld when saw a thread and said, "holy shit! How does this thread have 35 pages?" and saw the link.

several weeks later I was done!

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Post by Suicide_forest »

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Post by AKTKGO »

a friend told me:
"there is a game but only for smart persons"
i told him: ok give me the url and i dont quit the game
he quit on level 17
i finish the riddle (is hard)

Post by david_g »

Avoiding working on a group project in the computer lab (aka the dungeon)

A couple of 3rd years had been working on it for a while and were on number 5, which they finished while introducing me to the game. Then they got stuck on number 6 and I beat them to the answer. Then 7 was too hard and we started working on our school project again.

Then I went home and worked my ass off for a few weeks, almost failed a few finals because of this, and eventually beat it, got in the ranking, and now I just beat it again to get in the new ranking.

I'm not sure where the rest of them ended up with this.
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Post by bartjuhhh »

found it in a sig from a pictuning forum :p
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Post by Richy »

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Post by speedy »

on these forums when someone (or maybe david) gave a link to thisisnotporn.com and he started making his own :p
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Post by DavidM »

relik gave us the link in the off topic forums
i remember riddling on that with sixty
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Post by 40oztoFreedom »

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Post by seer »

Somebody ICQ me the link...and said you are a SAD GIT you will love this....they were right:rolleyes:
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Post by SampMan87 »

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