Where did you first read/hear about notpron ?

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Post by jooly » 06-05-2005 20:12

Right, I've emailed the link to my entire book club. If I'm going down they're going down with me. -34 is making me mad. I NEED CLUES!!!

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Post by gregoe86 » 07-05-2005 07:01

a buddy had it in his IM profile under "games I'm playing"

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Post by swix » 13-05-2005 05:56

i first heard about it on this awesome site called http://www.compfused.com

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Post by Zelkin » 31-05-2005 03:52

I ran into it on a gaming forum a week back. I've been addicted since. Hours of frustration and fun. ^_^

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Post by Jaren22 » 15-07-2005 05:19

My girlfriend was stuck on lvl 3 and I solved it for her over the phone in about 30 seconds... then I got stuck on lvl 4 and got hooked :blabla:

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Post by Sam_Atoms » 15-07-2005 08:16

I first saw a link posted about 5 months ago by a Washington/Seattle Mariner fan on a college sports board, of all places.

About one month ago it got a mention at the Armageddon Games gaming site (http://www.armageddongames.net).

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Post by chulen » 15-07-2005 18:39

in another forum... i said... well, i'll take a look, and now m here, addicted

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Post by Nicky » 15-07-2005 20:56

My brother found it but he's thick lol so I did it instead :lol:

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Post by Kaliel » 16-07-2005 01:13

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Post by Jez » 16-07-2005 01:46

My friend Lee...

Lee, if you ever read this; you are a legend in your own right, a man John of Gaunt would be proud of!

Ahh, happy times..

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Post by Faldion » 17-07-2005 09:10

On a Finnish computer magazine's site at http://www.mbnet.fi/
And an addiction it became...

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Post by nickspoon » 17-07-2005 11:51

One of my friends found it but he's only on level 12. Then again I'm back to the start so I'm off to go start again.

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Post by snackbar » 18-07-2005 03:35

An evil person told me.

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Post by Sjaacko » 29-09-2005 13:38

I've read about it in "Kijk", a popular Dutch sience magazine, September 2005 edition.


The Netherlands

P.S. I started playing on monday the 26th of September and am stuck on level 12...

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Post by Sam_Atoms » 29-09-2005 13:40

Are you serious? Notpr0n has gotten into magazines now? Gee whillickers.....

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