Where did you first read/hear about notpron ?

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Where did you first read/heard about notpron ?

Post by MarcosJr »

just out of curiosity :)

i first heard about it @ http://www.mikeportnoy.com/forum
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Post by AnacondaHL »

Collegehumor had a hotlink to it. It said something to the effect of "Bet you can't get past the third level". I felt stupid because I stayed on level 2 for longer than I wanted to. So I became compelled to finish the whole thing.

Post by junimond_ »

i'ved found the link on a german site. me and two other girls did it in september 2004 to lvl 22. at this time the riddle ends there. in november i had a look at the deathball.net site again...and wondered why all were talking about a level 30 or higher. i checked the riddle, got a heart attack - and went up to the long way to ranking.
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Post by Black_Tulip »

The Fok forum at http://www.fok.nl
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Post by satanwantsme »


aka alien adoption agency or a3.

Its a online game, raise your alien make him big and tuff and kick the crap out of the other aliens. me = 74862

Anyway there is a thread on the message boards entitled think you're smart try this and a link to here.

I tried it and im up to lvl 18 so far!
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Post by Muppa »

on IRCNet in various channels :D the last channel was #nfta, the channel of our taekwon-do association, where it was pasted x) then i decided to check it out. and it was worth it! x)
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Post by mi »

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Post by Gharr »

Nordinho.com its a site of games and other cool stuff, i found notpron on October and get it to lvl 22 where there was a phone pic and stars and some windings i get stucke there so i drop it, then in the ends on November i check agai and get another pic and more levels.
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Post by triper »

I got it from here http://www.supersjov.dk/files/default.asp

Danish site for lots of online games
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Post by Guy Weldo »

Local street racing message board.
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Post by Unregistered »

A friend was stuck in level 4 and asked for help by changing his msn-name into: who solves this riddle rocks!

so.. I was curious and started level 1 :)
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Post by Dirk »

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Post by Kisa »

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Post by theCrusifix »

here http://www.burntbyaugust.tk/ oh wait, i posted that there! heh. well you should check out the site anyway its a punk/rock/emo band. its local. and they rock. look on forums and say something he just made the site and we need guests to say hi and good work or whatever you want....thanks
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Post by Robbie15 »

I was searching for "riddles" on Google and I got linked to a forum where they posted it.
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