Where did you first read/hear about notpron ?

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Post by eemia_271288 »

My friend started it and sent me the link
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Post by kewangji »

started ...?

youre buddy with DavidM?

Or am I just (as usual) misunderstanding things?
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Post by frkyjenn »

no, he means his friend started solving notpron.. liked it and then sent him the link.
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Post by Loreniasis »

I was bored one night and so I typed the word bored at Yahoo!'s search engine. The site bored.overnow came up and I gave it a look. I was looking through the games section and a link to "The Riddle" was there. The description says that it is said to be the hardest riddle on the internet... so I clicked and well, now I find myself hitting my head over each level!!! Oh, well, I like the challenge!!!
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Post by Dinsleydale »

I was playing the Cambrian Code - it had a link to notpron at the bottom.

It's my procrastination technique for during uni exams.
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Post by brutha »

Found the link in the CT (german computer magazine) about two weeks ago.
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Post by Shiladie »

ytmnd i believe
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Post by Lashout »

On a local forum (to me anyway) called WaffleOn - one day a thread surfaced called 'How far will you get?'...

...And by the end of the day it was full of people complaining they were stuck on levels 4 and 6 :lol:

Safe to say I stuck with it and am rather further than that now :p
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Post by cl3tUs »

Well, I was working on my friends computer and was trying to reinstall Win XP SP 2 back on his computer when it was giving me an error with the serial code, so I had to call HP and talked to them for a bit and then after a short while, the guy and I were making small talk to kill the dead space.

He mentioned it and I wrote it down and have been addicted to it ever since.
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Post by Opposite »

A friend linked me to it about an year ago. I played it until the "ALT" level - (6) I think - and I dumped him. It came back to haunt me few days ago when the riddle was linked on a forum. Now I'm at level 10 and it drills into my brains. Nice way to make time pass during work but prolly I won't last long since it took me two days to figure out I knew the password to level 9 from the first ten seconds I spent on it - now
this is natural selection: male, 1:80, blue eyes, black hair, notpron certificate seeks...VW Beetle.

Oh, and please adapt notpron for mozilla and opera also. Iexplorer is junkware and I'm affraid to not loose any sound clues (the sound doesn't play on firefox and opera - prolly it's because of me, but still) so I download the mp3 files. Elvis is creepy.

I only wrote this message to admire my signature.

Nice to meet y'all.
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Post by Kisa »

Well, Firefox works fine except for the sound part (just download everything) and level 61 (there you can use Opera though).
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Post by Shenmue »

Found Notpron from someone posting a link to it in http://www.gamecore.se
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Post by Swizzy »

I got to hear about notpron on msn... by a friend of mine... his nickname is alreth... don't know if he uses it here as well... but he does on Tibia OT as far as i know he is on lvl 64 or so... and he has been working with the riddle for about a month :lol: and i am only on lvl 8 i started last night :lol: it's awesome!! =)
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Post by MasterJedi »

I found a link to it in a forum while trying to solve a similiar kind of INternet puzzle -

If you were able to crack NotPron - this may be just nothing :)
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Post by Kisa »

Well, stuck at level 4 already, I have NO clue whom this refers to. I'll put it onto the other riddles thread though, maybe someone else is luckier ...

edit: ah, no need, I see, it's already there. As riddle AX.
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