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Posted: 19-03-2006 21:53
by Tamara
A friend of mine was playing it, and got me hooked...
Never should have started, it's addicting (and lots of fun!)

Posted: 20-03-2006 00:20
by Becca800
The link is being forwarded around to people on the Harvard campus.

Posted: 20-03-2006 00:37
by dodireri
Harvard + notpron = yay

Posted: 20-03-2006 02:32
by MBolus
cutelvh9 wrote: it was a link at my highschool's website

I'm going to take a wild guess that the principal never made it to the negatives.

Posted: 21-03-2006 08:24
by aerguin
I heard about it in the forums of a guitar tab site I frequent. I was the only one who took the riddle seriously, the rest made it until 10-20 and quit.

Posted: 21-03-2006 11:30
by DavidM
MadPAM wrote: It was mentioned in the Gamestar magazine - a German PC gaming magazine.

oha, wann war denn das?

Posted: 21-03-2006 16:35
by aartmaniak
a friend of mine send me a link. i told him how bored i was working at the helpdesk i'm working now, so he figured i could use your game. he figured right!!!


Posted: 22-03-2006 00:15
by hidd
spelt porn wrong on google.


have seen it on bmezine somewhere i thinks tho so i remembered it.

Posted: 24-03-2006 12:32
by allikin
I came across notprOn while playing The Ultimo Puzzle, witch I came across while playing The Magic Globe.

Posted: 27-03-2006 22:49
by gemone
:p i came across this web just few hours ago in a gaming forum.. i never knew such tough riddles when i was surfing for some jokes and riddles... man i got to level 8 and its whole lot fun ..\o/ i hope i am not too late to play:cool:

p/s : who actually made this .. did david do this all alone? and this game has been around for like 3 + years?:offtopic:

Posted: 27-03-2006 22:53
by Kisa
Less than 2 years :)

Read this page , this will give you more infos, e.g. about credits for the level ideas ;)

Posted: 01-05-2006 18:37
by vladx2
I read about it in a magazine. When I was bored I tried it and then I could'nt stop!!! Never thought riddles could be so cool!

Posted: 30-05-2006 07:44
by andyfrank
My friend told me about it...He got stuck at like level 10 (lol) I kept on going. Slowly, but surely, I made it to the negatives...And I'm working my way through them as we speak....Or type.

Posted: 30-05-2006 07:53
by anand
old threads revived...........::)

my brother told me about it.............

Posted: 30-05-2006 08:39
by i
got the link from a maths forum (mathlinks / art of problem solving).