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Posted: 19-01-2007 20:50
by ser_fanky
I've heard on one forum, I don't know which one :lol:

Posted: 20-02-2007 12:50
by Awelon
It was Finnish video/pic/games site.. They were advertizing NotPron as a "hardest riddle EVER"... I like riddles, so I started it and got stuck on level three for many hours :)

And now im destined to pass all of the levels.. Just not sure if im good enough :D

Posted: 22-07-2008 16:04
by kv929058
I was taking a physics class in high school and a bunch of the guys were doing it, so we decided to start doing it too. That was in 2006. I have given up twice since then but back and determined now.

Posted: 22-07-2008 20:57
by Taurah
A friend of mine told me about it after she finally conned me into trying Myst. Loved Myst, loved notpron, been working on and off on the positive levels since (shame on me) something like August 2006...

Posted: 22-07-2008 23:43
by Renoo
My brother. :D

Posted: 13-02-2009 20:35
by slowcharlotte

haha yes, you can shoot me. i like some gay japanese group XD

Posted: 15-02-2009 17:20
by spawn89
a friend told me.. at this time he was stuck at lvl 76, meanwhile he is on 80 and i'm on -3 .. owned 8)


Posted: 13-06-2009 02:41
by Opequon
I was googling for porn, and spelled it wrong.

Posted: 13-07-2009 15:18
by casssie
My science teacher told me about it, :D

Posted: 24-07-2009 09:10
by Hedgehog
My uncle told me about it a few years ago. I've started and stopped multiple times, over the course of three years or so. I've told multiple friends about it, and we've helped each other on various levels. After three years, the farthest I've managed is level 52. :P

Posted: 24-07-2009 16:23
by Nicky
Can't remember if I ever posted here lol. I think I heard about it through a friend and I stuck with it through to the end and was one of the first to complete the final level :) I think I was 11th or something like that.

Anyway after a couple of years away I'm back and working my way through again in the hopes of getting my mind back into the riddling mindset :D

Re: Where did you first read/hear about notpron ?

Posted: 01-08-2009 22:19
by gamemastertips
I always loved anything that was a challenge...especially games and riddles.
It came up pretty close to the top when I Googled "world's hardest game."

Re: Where did you first read/hear about notpron ?

Posted: 06-10-2014 08:42
by ijaaz ahmed
while playing team fortress 2 :J :J

Re: Where did you first read/hear about notpron ?

Posted: 07-10-2014 08:59
by ijaaz ahmed
on the internet while playing team fortress 2

Re: Where did you first read/hear about notpron ?

Posted: 27-08-2020 22:46
by rainyday
I learnt about Not Pr0n from a Brazilian YouTuber named Cellbit who started making videos on riddles, I loved watching his videos and evenutally I found a video by him named "Kid Cellbit's riddle." I clicked on it and it was a video on how Not Pr0n shaped him into the person he is today. His video also showed the first 10 levels of the game and I decided to check it out. I got stuck on a later level and quit until a while back where I started playing again and got to level 70.