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yes or no?

dunno tbh!
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Post by meep98324 »

verily I do not!
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Post by Shenmue »

Oh, my mistake. :D
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Post by meep98324 »


edit: we need an old english emoticon. maybe with a top hat and blatant misspellings?
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Post by aryel »

if 1 is hard go play tetris
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I had the hardest time with 26-30.

Post by Zorkmid »

Yup !
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Post by norm420 »

after finally beating the positives i figured i had earned the right to post . especially after being stuck on 79 for more than 8 months!

so obviously my picks for toughest level include 79, also 26-30,52 (damn pins) and most level from 70 on. 79 definitely takes the prize so far tough.

oh yeah i forgot: most if not all music levels! damn i hate those:confused:

as for the negatives so far : -6 and -12!
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Post by devinring »

72 was tough. However, i had the cube put together wrong (it was pretty much flat) but i still got the right answer. After that, i tried to get my cube to look like the ones on the gallery, not so easy :)

Stuck on 76 right now though...no idea...:hmmmz:
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Post by jooly »

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks" (Hamlet, Billy Shakespeare) :p
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Post by IgnacioTheDestroyer »

ok, hardest levels

level 44 (stuck there for a while)
level 52
level 53
level 72 (stuck here now)
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Post by Badalight »

I'm still in the 50's but so far 49 was the toughest.

It was pretty simple though since me and my friend have been working on it together.

She pretty much figured it out by herself.

I'm currently stuck at 54.
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Post by lenico »

52 ...... !!!! no question :lol:
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Post by Hanes »

sorry to say, but 49 was one of the easiest, but maybe that's the europian blood:P
Those I found hardest were: 8, 30, 47, 80(just terrible, haven't even found it all) and last -5(found it by accident)
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Post by niks »

Maybe 52 and 72 in positives. There has been many hard levels on negatives. Right now I have been on level -28 for over half a year. <removed>... Hardest so far.
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Post by faorlich »

Just curiosity: how do you rate difficulty:

A) Not knowing what to look for (deciphering the clues)
B) Time consumption once you know where to look
C) No clue at all
D) Guess work

And how long do you have to be stuck at a level to consider it hard?
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Post by frkyjenn »

Never thought about it.. I guess it's just personally what level you found the hardest to solve.

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