Poll Hardest level to pass

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yes or no?

dunno tbh!
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Post by amadeusmila »

one of the hardest lvl is that "Right in the creators face". "You need to GO find him" grrrrrrr ¬¬
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Post by Ak-01 »

Lol you`ll be surprised later on how easy and common this idea actually is.

I`d vote for christine puzzle with pills. That was most brilliant and hard-to-pass, learning and logically inspiring puzzles.
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Re: Poll Hardest level to pass

Post by gamemastertips »

I think 72 and 79 were pretty tough, but I have to say that, for me, Lambda was the worst... =.=
It took me almost a YEAR to solve, yet it was so damn simple.
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Re: Poll Hardest level to pass

Post by amh »

-34 for me
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Re: Poll Hardest level to pass

Post by megags »

80. It took me one whole year to figure out what to do, and when I did, i had to ask David for help. That was EVIL.
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Re: Poll Hardest level to pass

Post by alperakin123 »

lvl delta was definitely the hardest lvl of the whole game
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Post by throwaway »

Maniak wrote: 21-01-2005 13:16 Yeah, 47 is evil.

Some earlier players can say that 16 kicks you in the stomach, though surprisingly I got through it alright.

I really hated 26-29, I actually had to do some lucky guessing when I heard I'd have to download pron for 27. I avoid pron whenever possible. 39 posed the same difficulty.

Overall, I'd have to say the hardest levels I've come across are those involving music. I play the trombone and the piano, neither really help at all. :(
You don't have to download pron for 27.
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