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yes or no?

dunno tbh!
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Post by theCrusifix »

there is always a dipshit on a forum......
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Post by XtrAz121 »

im on 75 now. 74 and the one with the cube and uhh hmmmm i forgot the other one. but pretty much anything that involves oragami (i hate that damned cube) is hard
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Post by bartjuhhh »

man at the door whit trick me .... i wanted to go to my game nfsu2 so i pressed tab+enter(accident) so i came in a lvl further :P :lol:
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Post by Suicide_forest »

In reality, it's probably 8, then 16 so far (I'm on 19)
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Post by timusic7 »

76 took me the longest (3days) besides 80 cus i didnt think to write down what im now looking for again while i was playing
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Post by zest_p »

76 was hard, but still not a "stuck me" maze, rather such a "time eater"... 72 pulled my brain out... pure evil - as many would surely agree :) as far as i remember also 16th was a stage, i stuck in for a time... greetz ya all :)
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Post by drkhorse »

61 by far has been the hardest to date for me.
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Post by theak »

80 drove me to insanity.
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Post by aic2276 »

Hardest levels for me were 72, 80, and 81. 72 took me forever to figure out how to put it together. not good at origami. 80 because I didn't keep my bookmarks and notes to that point and had to solve again to that point and also used temp files to get the answer from what I missed in solving again. 81 was just so easy that I made it difficult.
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Post by spacekitten »

I'm on level 76 and have been for four days. The other ones were hard in that I had to procure photoshop etc, but this one has me smashing my head off the monitor in frustration. :noob:
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Post by Dethyl »

It would have to be 72 for me. 80 is tedious and really gives the 'why didn't I think of it earlier' feeling.
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Post by TRock »

Hmmm, I really didn't find 72 difficult, just time consuming. I've replayed the game several times for various reasons and I always forget 15 for some reason. I didn't care for the whole 26-29 thing (confizzling). It took a l-o-n-g time for my brainwaves to kick in and figure out how to work level 68. My main nemesis - oh my goodness - 76! I just stared and stared and stared at that one and I absolutely could NOT figure out how to get to the password screen. :lol: That puzzle was almost the deal-breaker for me. But I overcame!
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Post by Reaper520 »

72 wasn't that bad, it was just tedious. I'm going to have to agree on 76... I managed 1-75 without having to ask for help (I read the threads, but never had to ask for assistance), but 76 kicked me in the ass.
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Post by supamom »

Well, prior to the negative levels, 72 and 80 were the ones that really got me banging my head on the table, but then david got really evil and made minus 15 and minus 17 which i totally and utterly HATED,HATED, HATED!!!
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Post by nighthawk263 »

Oh Great thanks supamom, that just makes me want to move right past -14 now!!! :lol:
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