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Posted: 11-08-2006 04:13
by Apphex
Lukeonia1 wrote: Levels 52 and -14 were BY FAR the hardest levels to solve. Those two make the rest of them seem easy. (At least with some of the other "hard" levels it's possible to get them by guessing!)

Someone ought to do a tally of what everyone thought of each level and see which ones have a consensus for being the hardest. Maybe I'll do that later, when I need a break. :D

Are you serious? -14 took me about 30 seconds. The clue you are given in plain english is a specific instruction on exactly what you have to do!

And btw 76 really wasn't that difficult. Time consuming, yes, but at each step I was making consistent, albeit slow, progress toward the solution.

-34 is where I'm stuck now, and the fact that many people consider than to be the most difficult of all of the negatives gives me comfort.

Posted: 11-08-2006 08:45
by Kisa
It is. Only kappa is worse. (lambda is just evil ...)

Posted: 11-08-2006 12:52
by Shenmue
Apphex: The problem with -14 is that it is so obvious that you don't even bother to try it. Well, that was the case with me, anyway. :)

Posted: 22-08-2006 01:12
by terdfergus
ZOMG i'm sorry but level 21 took me almost 5 days guess what this is the 5th day

Posted: 30-08-2006 11:39
by Shenmue
What's ZOMG? I do understand the oh, my God, bit ... but the Z...

You must excuse me but I'm a bit bored at the moment, and it didn't help that the way from school was like a ride on the bottom of the ocean. It's really raining here.....

Posted: 30-08-2006 11:41
by Kisa
Not only there ...

That pics on that page are cool :D

Posted: 30-08-2006 11:44
by Orio
:lol: what a crazy cat hehe


Posted: 30-08-2006 11:52
by Shenmue
Yeah, I agree with Orio here. What a crazy cat! :lol:

So if you want to make fun of the ones using this internet-talk, you say zomg. Maybe I should start using it then.

ZOMG I'm totally soaked!

Posted: 31-08-2006 04:04
by chulen
Shenmue wrote: Level 76 was pretty easy. Just a bit time-consuming.

76 was pretty easy for me, the last 2 parts took me about 20~30 mins, the first part took me a little bit more, i misspelled the answer for some hours :D , i remember when i pm'd someone with my tries she told me like "hmm you already have it!" felt a bit stupid i remember

but i must admit i was damn lucky there, my first idea worked (love when that happens ;D)

i really liked all levels that involved maths (-5, -15, -25) i leave -41 outside because it took me almost a week to figure it out...

Posted: 31-08-2006 04:51
by meep98324
methinks lambda might be the winner for this query.

Posted: 31-08-2006 10:36
by Shenmue
methinks meepmeep got a point. :)

Posted: 31-08-2006 11:03
by Kisa
mewonders what kind of new grammar this is :D

Posted: 31-08-2006 11:10
by Shenmue
methinks meepmeep invented it, he should name it too. :)

I didn't know that meepmeep was so talented in languages that he could create his own grammar. It came as a chock to me!

Posted: 31-08-2006 17:53
by meep98324
methinks that methinks is old english :-p :D

Posted: 31-08-2006 17:59
by Shenmue
Meppmeep: can I call you Doctor Meepmeep from now on? Since you obviously must have a doctor's degree in language.