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dunno tbh!
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Post by Kati » 07-09-2008 19:53

End of Day 2 on Level 18

At first sight I thought this was an easy one, but now…

Maybe I never get to level 19.
Maybe I will find a new hint every day until I am 85.
Maybe I will want this nice little song to be played at my funeral.
Maybe I will just laugh about it one day.

This is tough. No other Level so far made me feel that stupid… and more eager to solve it. Thats how I personally would define "difficult".

Others dont seem to find 18 so hard - which gives me hope that this will be a case for the “silliest logical mistakes” Thread…

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Post by Faxter » 09-09-2008 19:16

I think -39 was the most hard level.
Not of the thinking way, but I needed to work very hard for this one...
I was so glad as I solved it :D
And the greek ones are really hard, too.
I think Delta was the most difficult one here. Maybe I get a more difficult one later :D

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Post by spawn89 » 24-09-2008 18:30

i'm stock at 32 for about 1 week. never been stock like that before. anybody can help? i have no, simply no f idea..

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Post by frkyjenn » 24-09-2008 18:57


you need to post on the appropriate level thread in order to get help. This thread is not for asking for help.

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Post by Tuen » 06-10-2008 18:12

IMO Delta is way harder than -34 but to be fair I haven't solved Delta yet :-P.

Both of those kinda fall under the "lack of direction" kind of hard. Though I hear Kappa is way more kinds of un fun. Despite that I do look forward to it, hehe.


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Post by Manticore666 » 22-12-2008 20:20

So fas my hardest is 47, because in my hummble opinion if you are not musician you are out of the competence, and NO, i DONT believe that is matter of listen and googling, because it's not enough.

Another that make me dream about was the crazy music on lvl 41...I heard the same tone for more than 18 hrs in order to recognize the answer, I listen at work all day long, again and again meanwhile work on the computer doing my work....then suddenly I figure out the answer, that was difficult too and my workmates hates the music also.....hehehehehe

Currently on lvl 49.

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Post by edgehead628 » 24-12-2008 14:52

Well there was something about...47...that allowed you to know at least a way to narrow it down to within a small list. You don't need to be a *spoiler* genius, just gotta know a little bit about the *spoiler*.

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Post by BRANDAN » 14-02-2009 05:29

I've never had problems like the one i have with Delta. maybe its because ive been stuck on this level for many many months now, but this is the only level i ever felt like giving up on. it just might be the end of my notpron career :(

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Post by Sina.Giant » 16-02-2009 23:23

I'm not even to negatives, but so far I saw some people else talked about 47 begin hard, I'm on 72 right now.

Somehow I agree on 47, I dedicated something like 25-30 hours of full work on it, I was a piano player , I play guitar now, and a close friend of mine is a piano composer but even thou it was above hard to get the answer to this level.

At the end I found all of them...but the main problem was that David's piano was out of tune by 1/4! really! I was so obsessed about finding exactly what he plays, emailed him that and never got an answer, maybe he was busy, anyway! my ears learned lot from it ;)

PS: you can do it even if you are def! only if you got the right tool...

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Post by Mehtbh » 16-02-2009 23:53

Nu, by miles.

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Post by Mehtbh » 18-02-2009 19:29

I take that back, Kappa was tons harder :/

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Post by Sina.Giant » 18-02-2009 23:33

Meh to be honest, grats on Nu! xD I think Nu was something totally different, I'm waiting for it so badly! (still too far...)

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Post by kpatterson » 18-05-2009 08:20

Kisa wrote: 47

edit: No, it was 81. This is no level for people who learned to think complicated!

i personally loved 47 simply because i've studied music theory and was able to guess it within a few tries. Stuck on -28 now though..

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Post by drunk0nj1n » 09-06-2009 22:20

noone else seems to think 44 was difficult.... is it really that simple or am i just retarded

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Post by zaqwertyyuio » 19-06-2009 19:49

the hardest is 80
it still stumps me

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