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Poll Hardest level to pass

Posted: 18-01-2005 10:09
by theCrusifix
the hardest level to complete, and please wait till you have come close to finnishing first before you post, because lvl 3 is not hard...

mine would be 76, it kicked me in the balls! :spammer:

Posted: 18-01-2005 14:07
by GotMilk4523
lol if u dont know what to do on 2 it couod be hard ok l8r

Posted: 18-01-2005 14:50
by Mark1985
72! and lvl 79 is a bitch too (i'm currently at that one)

Posted: 18-01-2005 15:04
by stranger
41, 72 were hard. 79 was easy if you go the straight way. I think the combination for getting to dead ends were often more difficult then the right one. I like this one very much 1 11 21 1211 ....

Posted: 18-01-2005 17:38
by Robbie15
#30, #31 and #79 were the ones I had big problems with.

Posted: 18-01-2005 18:46
by DavidM
this poll is sorta useless, aint it?

Posted: 18-01-2005 18:50
by theCrusifix
well i really kinda started this to get my mind off of 76...and just wanted to know what others thought the harder ones for them were. i can delete it if you dont like it. :D

Posted: 19-01-2005 01:24
by DavidM
people will agree to 72 I think

I can remove the poll if you like, its pointless in that style...
only the comments are better

Posted: 20-01-2005 09:33
by Kisa
You may split it up into 4 polls, one for each quarter (leaving level 1 out).
That would fit into the specifications and limitations of this forum.
And people who gave up on the half way could participate.

Posted: 20-01-2005 12:54
by theCrusifix
they wont let me do it, an admin or moderator must do it...

Posted: 20-01-2005 16:18
by golwin
my hardest one so far was 59 but i'm still working on 80 :D

Posted: 20-01-2005 17:11
by Muppa
hmm.. definately 76 x)

Posted: 20-01-2005 17:15
by Kisa

edit: No, it was 81. This is no level for people who learned to think complicated!

Posted: 21-01-2005 13:16
by Maniak
Yeah, 47 is evil.

Some earlier players can say that 16 kicks you in the stomach, though surprisingly I got through it alright.

I really hated 26-29, I actually had to do some lucky guessing when I heard I'd have to download pron for 27. I avoid pron whenever possible. 39 posed the same difficulty.

Overall, I'd have to say the hardest levels I've come across are those involving music. I play the trombone and the piano, neither really help at all. :(

Posted: 23-01-2005 05:30
by Suicide_forest
The hardest level by FAR was level 1. I really had to stretch my brain for that one.