Level 0

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Level 0

Postby DavidM » 01-02-2005 00:14

Discuss here if you feel a need!
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Postby aryama5 » 16-02-2009 17:29

Ahh, level zero. Zero-brainer, zero-skill, zero-sense.

Still, I heard that you can start the negative levels at any time, even though you haven't finished the positives. It will just be much harder. Is that true?
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Postby Faxter » 16-02-2009 20:18

You need the positives some times, for solving the negatives :p
But you can try it...
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Re: Level 0

Postby nikgre17 » 09-03-2017 02:34

Yay! I'm finally at the negatives! Took 1 whole month!
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