Level MINUS 16

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Post by DavidM » 16-02-2005 00:49

I'm cool! I opened it!
Thanks to Wurst for the basic idea and thanks to Helena for the work which I can't mention here \o

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Post by iampizzaboy » 22-03-2008 05:09

sooo.... wats with the random sound files?

edit: nvm lol i got it. P.S. i hate it wen ppl ask sumthing like this then edit to say they solved it, without helping aby1 else lol ;P i luv u all
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Post by gamemastertips » 04-06-2008 14:33

LOL I "luved" that one! Nice 1 David! :D

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Re: Level MINUS 16

Post by Alex » 12-12-2010 12:42

haha I love this one, very original.

Easy but awesome ^^

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Re: Level MINUS 16

Post by nikgre17 » 13-03-2017 18:42

Hello World!

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Re: Level MINUS 16

Post by shinwa » 14-02-2019 00:29

This one was really cool to solve! Simple and also funny :D

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Re: Level MINUS 16

Post by tedrooker » 28-05-2019 09:45

I love this one!
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Re: Level MINUS 16

Post by SoftGLOW » 02-05-2020 17:11

Simple and satisfying level with a nice red herring thrown in for good measure. I enjoyed that a lot! :)

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