Level -17

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Level -17

Postby DavidM » 16-02-2005 03:38

Ok, a thread for this one is pointless...but I feel cool when I open such threads, because it makes my penis grow!

**NOTE December 2018: Chrome users are at a disadvantage, best to use FireFox for this level.
Thanks randomyoshi for pointing this out!
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Postby RazieL » 16-02-2005 04:03

i guess someone is not happy with it's size... :rolleyes:
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Postby theCrusifix » 16-02-2005 04:21

no, when he says grow that means he gets all warm and fuzzy, mocking others that do it before the level actualy comes out.
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Postby Blinry » 24-03-2008 08:23

Took me ages to figure out cookies have to be enabled for this >.<
Maybe you should add a hint?
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Postby Kisa » 25-03-2008 10:04

You just did :D
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Postby KruegAir » 19-05-2008 17:06

is the count of clicks i use to solve relevant? so i guess it needs 5 clicks or is indifferent how many times i click the upper picture?

don't like this riddle yet.. not my kind
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Postby Kisa » 20-05-2008 07:44

The script just did 5 random "clicks" in the pic, that is to tell you that it is possible to get back to the upper pic :)

Make sure your browser accepts cookies from deathball.net, otherwise this level won't work.
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Postby gamemastertips » 04-06-2008 15:03

Does hitting "Start Over" Reset you all the way back to the first puzzle?
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Postby frkyjenn » 04-06-2008 15:09

I don't think so (but I could be wrong).

I hated this level. I "cheated" by making my son do it for me (same with level 18. lol)

I never did get the hang of this silly ass level.
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Postby gamemastertips » 04-06-2008 15:13

EDIT: Did it. LOL David you are so evil... (but "i luv u" for the shortcut)

P.S. CONFIRMED: Hitting "Start over" DOES reset all your progress back to the first puzzle.
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Postby kv929058 » 24-07-2008 18:21

This level didn't take me as long as it could have. Nice trick David.
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Postby Smitty14 » 25-07-2008 15:14

When I hit 'start over' it just resets the puzzle for me... doesn't take me back to level 1..

either way. what the hell is wrong with this level? This is messed up, David. I take it you needed a level to stall people for days until you made more? :P
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Postby Hootch » 08-09-2008 21:45

Oh these kinds of riddles are KILLING ME! :mad: RAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR!!!

I finished one stage with luck, but I still have no clue, where the trick is... (don't get me wrong, I do know what happens when I click on one box... but I dont know the procedure)

Does a click on "start over" send me back to stage one or not? Please help me! :(

edit: OMG! ;)

Made it!

T H A N K Y O U DAVID!!!!! Really, you saved a LOT of my nerves!!
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Postby Isec » 25-09-2008 19:40

Well thats a nice level! at first i had problems with it, but i think the best hint is the first sentence! you have to take it fully into account.
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Postby faorlich » 22-01-2009 00:17

It's actually really easy, if you find the right way to solve it. And it works every time, and you can do it in only 5 moves, also . The work involved takes the longest (maybe 20 minutes).
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