Level MINUS 17

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Re: Level -17

Post by amh » 02-06-2019 17:35

Alemarius Nexus wrote:Hey, I have completed this level, but I saw some people here saying they can solve this puzzle in 5 or less moves. Is that really true in the general case? I wrote myself a brute-force program that simply tries all possible sequences of moves (yeah, it's "cheating" but not cheating), and most of the time it required 7, sometimes 6 moves. Am I missing something about the mechanic? Is my program wrong?
I hated this level at the time. Recently I revisited it, after someone claimed "it's not that hard' here. I started with a puzzle that looked almost complete and took my time, and yeah, it's not that difficult ... and I did it in 5 moves.

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Re: Level -17

Post by LeagueHunter » 29-06-2019 15:15

I highly recommend grabbing a piece of paper and a pen and drawing five by five squares with numbers. Inside of each box write a number of clicks required to change the tile color to the right one.
Having in mind how do those tiles react on click and which color switches to which will make the riddle easy.

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