Other riddles

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Other riddles

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This thread is for all notpron riddles. Don't start new threads for other riddles or levels. Use the prefix of each riddle to link your post.
If you've got a riddle, tell one of the moderators. Provide the link and the name of the riddle to get it posted here.

1: Notpron

A: Zest apparently moved to Zest
B: Olle Olte (German)
C: notpron reloaded
D: http://www.freewebs.com/bataata/
E: Imagepuz
H: Dschingisriddle
I: Jay's riddle
K: Kelly Clarkson riddle
M: Wayfarer's riddle
O: Badpron
Q: Web Riddler
S: Historiddle
T: http://www.cleverwasteoftime.com/pron.html
U: Pythonchallenge
V: Frvade
W: http://qjuh.funpic.de/
X: Chulen
Z: veryhardgame

AA: the P4X-riddle - IRC Channel #p4xriddle on quakenet
AB: The Deathprons
AD: Riddla
AE: Orio's Riddle
AF: NewFolder
AG: fsg2k4u
AH: The Quest
AI: Tricky's riddles
AJ: The Enigma Puzzle
AK: Buhuhu
AL: Philpepe's Really Freakin Hard Puzzle
AM: Unsolved13
AN: The Crux
AO: Qwyzzle
AQ: Nicky's riddle
AR: Soulmanager
AS: notpr0n Revolutions
AT: weffriddles
AU: The Cracked Riddle
AV: The Ultimo Puzzle
AW: http://chat.deviantart.com/chat/dAmnPuzzles - chatroom based, members only (free to sigh up)
AX: http://www.iimi-iris.com/iris/irising/klueLESS (beware of the forum, contains spoilers)
AY: Antraxion
AZ: A little parody

BA: Kommune 21 Webraetsel
BB: BizFantast: Puzzle - You need to create an account there as it saves your progress
BC: The Sony Erricsson Da Vinci Code Trail
BD: videogameriddle
BE: Dracula's riddle
BF: Notspam
BG: "Mr Logic"'s riddles:
The Adventure Trilogy: Cybertrek - TriQuest - Forum for Escape (the URL to Escape has to be found in TriQuest)
More: Dr Azumi's Secret Book - Mazito Trilogy - Podcast Riddle - SIMPLE Riddle - WebHopper Riddle
BH: Riddle Me This
BI: Piddle Riddle
BJ: Forum maze
BK: Gagolga - German
BL: TheAverageOnlineRiddle
BM: Grifos
BN: http://www.geocities.com/twin_clan/quest.htm
BO: MC - German
BP: Erik's Webquest
BQ: BE Creative Puzzle
BR: Brain Damage
BS: MysteryQuest
BT: nortpron
BU: MovieTrail - 70+ level movie-themed riddle
BV: The Journey
BW: MysteryChallenge
BX: Numbers You must register an account to play and use all the functions.
BY: Suicidal
BZ: AdventureQuest

CA: Tercer Ojo (Third Eye) (spanish)
CB: Ultimate Riddle
CC: Voixbox Detective School
CD: Chesssoft's Riddle
CE: Zeal Riddle
CF: Ouverture-Facile - mostly French, but they are translating.
CG: Arals Riddle and its Forum
CH: Christmas Quest
CI: Nimwege
CJ: Riotquest
CK: Creepy Riddle
CL: RiddleMeThis
CM: StarQuest
CO: vanishingpointgame
CP: Hatless
CQ: Alral's Riddle
CR: Dunn Puzzle
CS: Onyx Riddle
CT: Final Quest
CU: Criptico
CV: Enigma Project (Spanish)
CW: Inward Hellix
CX: Wizard Quest
CY: The Puzzle of Doom
CZ: The OddPawn

DA: 1016
DB: Akumie's riddle
DC: Paparazzi
DD: Dot Riddle
DE: Riddle of goelanroti
DF: Notyoff
DG: Zeroriddle
DH: Mathelex
DI: Alpha Riddle - 2009
DJ: Not-Tron

For example if you make a post for zest's riddle start with A: level 01.

That's the only way to do it in only one thread. I hope you'll follow these instructions.

Now have fun with the riddles. \o/
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Re: Other riddles

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Re: Other riddles

Post by vhg »

Does anybody know what happened to BS: MysteryQuest? The site seems to be gone and it looks like Springer hasn't posted since 2007.
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Re: Other riddles

Post by BeefPiano »

And what happened to DL: "This Is Not Porn", the 2002 riddle that inspired "NotPron"? Did anyone manage to beat "This Is Not Porn"?

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Re: Other riddles

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There had been DM: "Notpron2" online in 2005:

https://web.archive.org/web/20050225011 ... inning.htm
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Re: Other riddles

Post by throwaway »

I'm confused, what does it mean "notpron riddles" in this thread when there are links to seperate riddles??
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