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Post by david_g » 01-04-2005 00:57

No one actually did the entire riddle on their own without working with other people and exchanging a couple hints here and there. It's cheating when someone gives you the answers to a whole bunch of levels. What you're doing isn't cheating.

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Post by Enia » 01-04-2005 00:58

Not at all (I think) :)
many groups have solved this game i the past and I beleive that we, the lone solvers, sometimes happened to ask something to a friend or a collegue which for me it is about the same thing. This of course is my personal opinion. Others may disagree (i do not think so though)
Actually I am jealous of you...I would love to have the fun of sharing the excitement with friends :)

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Post by hintze » 01-04-2005 01:15

well ok... now i am quiet satisfied... no not satisfied^^ searchin for a word... :hmmmz: ^^ i can calm down cause of your answers :) (i think it isnt real english, but it could be read as a metaphor)

well ok - its not that funny if you only get UN and PW... so we say how the idea is, what the clue is to solve the riddle... an then the others solve the riddle on their own...^^ ok. that is what you said... but its not easy to coordinate the work of 5 people... if one has no time on one day he could leak for 3 levels... he gets really heavy help! but only to get to the same level like the other four. erm ok, its the decision of everyone how much help he wants... its real fun to solve most of the level on your own, you are right :)

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Post by Alana » 02-04-2005 20:31

I started the game with a friend and we would be on the phone together figuring out the clues. I am more addicted than her so I have passed her now, we DO NOT share answers though, I will give her clues. The whole fun of it is the AHA! factor, theres no sense in playing if your going to be given the answer....(IMHO) I love the game but it is (a word that would describe the rip your hair out, ban your head against a wall). Then elation when you see that next screen pop up....


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Post by Nordinho » 27-04-2005 00:07

Good evening,

I'm the admin of Nordinho.com and one of my members pointed me to this forum. I've been reading some of the threads around here and I'm quite amazed actually. Normally spoken I'm not really interested in what's going on other sites, since I'm busy enough maintaining my own site. But in this case I do feel a need to react since I kind off feel personally attacked.
From nordinho forum (which used to hold lots of answers):
and to the nordinho admins...'a creative mind is never bored'(their page title) - to put up sites like this only to get the hits...very creative yeah - you rock!!

Nordinho.com existed before the riddle was created. There are thousands of games on the site and the NotPron riddle thread is only a very small portion of the site. And among all the games around there are loads that require creativity.

i keep bugging them to remove their notpron forum, it's really not appreciated and ruins it all

can you guys all use this formular (http://nordinho.com/vbull/sendmessage.php) and ask them to remove the notpron subforum because its horrible how its ruining notpron itself?

sent message to site admin....i really hope it gets taken off, but i'm sure there are many other forums out there giving out answers!

I thought about closing down the NotPron thread for a while, because of the language used in that thread by some of the players of the game and apparently some people of this forum. It seems to be a matter of 'life and death' for some. I don't think that's the meaning of gaming. Gaming should be a fun thing to do.

I emailed the admins on that site, but i doubt it will do anygood. We need pretty much everyone who has ever completed notpron honestly to post to them over and over again till they get bored of us! It is annoying when you spend, well for me, several months doing this riddle, only to have morons use a walkthru and do it in a few days! Oh well, there will always be cheats i suppose, but if we can discourage them it will be good.

I received some reported posts to remove the some posts in that thread. But the language used by the requesters in that game thread has been so rude, I rejected the request. And indeed if people can't get enough support, they'll start looking for it elsewhere.

OMFG, i just went back into that cheat site, and people are aquiring "brownie points" as it where for making up complete walkthrus! Urghhh, i wish we could close that forum down somehow......................anyone know a good virus

D.O.S ( Denial of Service) Attack

No comment…
in that nordinho page ppl submit games in threads and start building wlakthroughs, so if u make he delete that thread, another idiot will submit that again and another walkthrough gonna be maked, the best option is keep posting bad answers, maybe more dead ends, w/e, but if u want to tell more things to this guy Nordinho contact him here nkerkvliet@hotmail.com

That's true, some games are too challenging for some and apparently they need help from other players. That's where people start building walkthroughs to help other people. And that's not a big issue as far as I'm concerned. I do think hints/spoilers are a good way to get people on their way.

I must admit the NotPron thread did not get enough attention by me or the moderators, simply enough because neither I nor the moderators play the game and we were too busy maintaining the rest of the site (perhaps you can imagine that with the site receiving over 10000 visitors per day.)

Recently I found some people to help me out moderating the site. That's when we finally got time to start looking at the NotPron thread as well. All bad language posts have been removed and we closed the thread for posting. Instead a new thread is created that will be monitored closely since I'm sick and tired of the language used by some people. I want my site to remain a friendly one.

If you've any questions feel free to email me at nkerkvliet@hotmail.com

Have a nice day,

Greets Nordinho,

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Post by DavidM » 27-04-2005 11:48

it takes some skill to say basically nothing in so many words :)

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Post by steviehouse » 27-04-2005 11:53


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Post by supamom » 27-04-2005 12:02

:lol: He trying to make himself look good??? To Us???


Post by junimond_ » 27-04-2005 17:08

@ Nordinho

i still think u rock :)

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Post by aic2276 » 27-04-2005 17:30


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Post by Serendipity » 27-04-2005 18:37

Well, I do think he's right about the bad language part... there's no need to write rude messages to him. On the other hand, as admin of a forum that provides cheats for games I guess you have to live with that ;) But isn't that the way the internet works? It's hard to do something against that.


Post by david_g » 27-04-2005 18:56

I don't think any bad language was directed towards him. I think a lot of it was people saying "fuck! I can't get this fucking level! some1 help plz kthx" or riddlers flaming each other.

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Post by unrealtiger » 27-04-2005 22:13

I love this thread.The fight of good and evil.Nordihno still rocks as juni said.

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Post by DavidM » 27-04-2005 22:33

a forum that claims to be for creative minds....and it's only raising retards there....should be changing something :)

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Post by orava » 27-04-2005 22:37

DavidM, could u make few levels that the answer would be fuck.htm and something like that... the they HAVE to delete them ;)

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