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Posted: 05-03-2005 14:13
by w2qyv
yep i ve seen one some nights ago i dont remember the name but roaming aroun i found a site and there where a couple of young guys whriting about not pron
ill check the name again....

Posted: 05-03-2005 15:57
by Enia
seer wrote: Emailed Admin

I just cannot understand cheaters at all.....and I certainly cannot understand people that promote cheating. I have noticed when giving out hints etc, the amount of first time posters that appear on level 80, and I think I have reported it twice to the Moderators.

Is there anyway that forum registration must be activated prior to viewing any threads, because 99.99% of the people use the Forum to read threads / ask hints. At least then you would have some pre-knowledge of how long somebody has spent doing NOTPRON, and their forum registration name must be given on final contact. No Cheater is gonna register today and come back in a months time to finish.

seer I dont think that I would agree totally with your suggestion since I was one of those who did the first post at 81. And that because I confused the thread titles...
and I didn't have to write before just because everything I wanted to ask has already been asked/ the point is to read the threads and no to ask the same and the same again...thats why when someone asks already answered question the best thing would be to point him out that fact. :)
so what do you mean about not being able to read the threads the non registered?

davidM@ I like your post in the cheaters forum...well done!
btw are you talking about the secret.hmt which is the answer to a very early level? is the same htm?

Posted: 05-03-2005 16:27
by seer
Its just a suggestion...nothing more

That you would have to register first before you could read a thread in the forum.

It wouldnt matter if you posted or not...but it would show when they first visited the forum ( start date) and when they had finished. For example if A.N.OTHER joined the forum yesterday and emailed the answer could almost 100% guarantee they cheated.

As above
Its was a suggestion...nothing more

Posted: 05-03-2005 17:06
by DavidM
in this forum you can see all at any time, nothing will change this

the answer to 23 is the same, but nothing to do with that...
im talking about the jump folder

Posted: 05-03-2005 17:07
by DavidM
ok, now who started the "you rock!" stuff? :P
but im following with another post there

Posted: 05-03-2005 17:18
by Enia
I just saw the page...very goog job david!

Posted: 05-03-2005 17:47
by MalNivek
I hope you won't get too much emails with "you rock!" :rolleyes:

blame me if it does :D

Posted: 05-03-2005 18:04
by DavidM
i hope I do!

Posted: 05-03-2005 19:00
by supamom
OMFG, i just went back into that cheat site, and people are aquiring "brownie points" as it where for making up complete walkthrus! Urghhh, i wish we could close that forum down somehow......................anyone know a good virus;) :lol:

Posted: 05-03-2005 19:02
by seer
D.O.S ( Denial of Service) Attack :eek:

Posted: 05-03-2005 19:07
by david_g
Maybe DavidM could put something really annoying on the secret.htm page. Not necessarily anything virus-like, but maybe a script that would make 1000 pop-ups pop up or something like that.

Posted: 05-03-2005 21:20
by DavidM
look what i got from a secret mail. he tried to explain how he got the answer:

I looked up the names of the last 80 playboy
cover-girls going backwards from the day the riddle
was released. I then took the first letter of all of
there names, rearranged them, and got the password!

Posted: 05-03-2005 21:22
by veryhardgame
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: What a retard

Posted: 05-03-2005 21:23
by david_g
Yeah... that might have come from something I posted in the level 80 thread on that other site.

Posted: 05-03-2005 21:30
by junimond_
lol - that was u david_g? cool one :D