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You have been detected as a cheater?

Posted: 09-03-2005 13:32
by DavidM
-Some level's passwords have changed. So logically the following levels are on a new .htm OR some passwords don't work anymore. In some cases the old passwords still work, but you get lead the wrong way (57, 19, 21)

-This is to prevent people from going through this with their walkthroughs, since the old (now wrong) answers are spread all over the internet.

-Your IP has been logged? It's a htm file with text in it, do the math!
Nothing is being logged!

-You are either a stupid little cheater and should go back playing Counterstrike

-You were on one of these levels while they were changed, so just go one step back and solve it again (the methods are the same).

-You randomly guessed the old answer, which I don't believe... -_- ...because you should admit that you are cheating. Put the walkthrough aside and start having fun! There is nobody to impress here!