Level 81

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Level 81

Postby DavidM » 12-03-2005 02:56

No hints here!
Thank you. Nobody else please post hints either. They'll all be removed.
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Postby iamjustme » 12-03-2005 20:00

I MADE IT!!!! \o/ \o/ \o/

Wow, this one was driving me crazy! And really was in front of me all the time!! Thanks for the helpful advices my friends!!

And now, more levels! DavidM, I thought I'd could go back to work but it seems I'll be around here a lot hehehe

Thanks for the fun!!
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Postby Casso » 13-03-2005 08:27


Im bloody stoked!! It took me 31 mins to do! I suppose I was just lucky to see it (and MUST of cheated :P ).

Level 82 here I come!

PS: DavidM, that is absolutely ingenius! Well done, well bloody done!
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Postby DavidM » 13-03-2005 13:51


more levels? there are many many more (almost 30)
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Postby JoLolli » 14-03-2005 23:44

hehe, you bastard,
I like that one
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Postby PMOP » 15-03-2005 01:23

Done it.:)
Great level!!!!!
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Postby Cryolite » 20-03-2005 15:49

Yeah, made it (again).
So funny, the feedback you get when you enter old un/pw on some puzzles. \o/ ;)
Anyway, great job DavidM. Now up (or down) to the negatives to see if/what has been changed there. :p
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Postby p3nisinash0e » 29-03-2005 11:46

Clever, but I still hate you, David ;)
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Postby co[s]mo » 30-03-2005 08:20

hehehe...i got it, nice level again....
it wasn't that hard after all...:P
up to 82
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Postby funfun » 30-03-2005 10:18

F*** U DAVIDM!!!

i got it!!! hay!!! :P
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Postby Kappei » 03-04-2005 18:36

David, you little, ugly, damn...
(two days on it...and the answer was under my nose!!!)
\o/ \o/ \o/
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Postby DiMono » 04-04-2005 06:41

In the fine words of the great Jim Ross

You sadistic son of a b****!

On to the negatives ...tomorrow.
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Postby notredamon » 05-04-2005 18:12

Finally!!!! It was right there the whole time~!
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Postby paulyb01 » 06-04-2005 06:50

Aww, david, that's so sweet...je suis désolé mais je ne sens pas la même manière, but can we still be comrads?

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Postby SolidRock » 06-04-2005 22:35

Damn! It took me almost 2 months but I'm finaly over the possitives!
I can't believe I have to go for 30 more!

Thanks DavidM, you're my Dr. Evil.
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