Silliest logical mistake you made

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Post by Wayfarer »

There were definitely 3 letters in the sky.

My best of my many dead ends and wrong turns was on -31 where I spent half an hour carefully examining the details of stunning and available German(speaking) ladies before deciding v did NOT stand for vollschank!! I felt the time was not entirely wasted though.

And have spent a LOT of time clicking on non-existent buttons recently...
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Post by unrealtiger »

On minus side, i have found what i needed to find,after searching all over different maps,and i knew the correct answer.The next two hours i was completely stumped because my only mistake was a typo.I guess i needed a shower to wake me up.;0
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Post by Roquelaure »

Level 50. Spent aaaaaages going round in circles only to discover that I'd been completely inobservant and I spent a long time kicking myself for that one. Would have thought getting that far I would have learnt something by then! :S
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Post by BiGGBLiZZ »

Perhaps I have you all beat, or perhaps I am the only one brave enough to admit something this stoopid. Anyway, on some level, not that it matters which, while viewing the source code info, I had highlighted a certain section so as not to forget it.

At the same time, I was in instant message with a friend, and THOUGHT I typed to him, instead I typed over the source code. Of course it just so happened that my text to my friend ended up appearing "logical" to the current puzzle, and I spent 2 days trying to figure out what exactly my "self-made" hint meant.

Thank God I cleared out my cache and reopened the source.
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Post by Scutilla »

Level 18... I kept trying to use the whole piece as the url instead of just the first four letters... it drove me crazy, I started trying to do weird stuff like figure out the bass line, and ended up visiting forums and getting one of the old answers that led me to the "You are a cheater, your url has been logged" pages. *hangs head in shame*
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Post by snowboarder13 »

i agree with Peachychan about level 9. i know lots about html coding and as such separated the answer from the rest instantly. i thought this was much too easy and used it as a clue and kept going in a big circle.

in a similar fashion, i had the answer to 37 quickly but disregarded it as i was trying hard to find german history.

i read a hint on 64 to say what you know out loud and i thought that was stupid ... an hour later i hit myself really hard when i said it out loud.
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Post by aic2276 »

I keep making the same one over and over again every day. I open my bookmarks folder and then select NotPron.
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Post by Kisa »

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Post by nighthawk263 »

aic2276 wrote: I keep making the same one over and over again every day. I open my bookmarks folder and then select NotPron.

I have that same problem, the only thing is though it is a shortcut on my desktop........:rolleyes:
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Post by Kisa »

I made a html file with all soutions for myself (somewhere in the my-files section), and the last one is the current link to work on :)

Don't ask for it, I won't give it to anyone! :D
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Post by TheAssimilationist »

I can't remember which level it was exactly. but I misspelled control.
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Post by soylord »

Well, I mean, I've made waay to many to count. But I guess the most humorous one was...

I don't know how to say it without giving something away, but essentially there are two synonymous words, "letter" and "mail", which could both have been the key to one of the higher positive levels. I thought the answer was mail.

But I couldn't figure out how "mail" related to anything.

It culminated in me screaming "I'm a male!!!" for like an hour throughout my house, much to my father's amusement.
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Post by Maniak »

On 63 I read the music scale the wrong way :D
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Post by Zelkin »

Thus far I've made so many that it'd be impossible to list them all here. But, I'd like to entertain you with a really great mistake my friend made while on level 12. He's on 18 now if I'm correct, but just really hasn't had time for notpron lately.

He read way too far into it, and was looking at the clock amongst the random objects, and somehow converted the time into latitudinal and longitudinal lines, found where they crossed, and then was complaining that "Niger, Africa" wasn't working in the UN/PW box. My head hit the desk at this point. I still haven't let this one go; us notpronners that are on higher riddles joke relentlessly about it.

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Post by FretShredder6s »

lmao, my best one was which ever level it was that had the picture that said 'the answer is unexpected'.... i stared at that screen for 2 weeks.... when i figured out the answer, it was definatly unexpected.
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