Silliest logical mistake you made

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Post by Kisa » 29-07-2006 20:13

The official hint for Level 6 already included the source code :) So, read more carefully next time ;)

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Post by JodiRae » 01-08-2006 23:31

Mine is so dumb! I was working on level 33 (not that hard). I had the concept figured out, I knew exactly what I needed to do and I applied it to everything I cold think of. I was going nuts. Well, my 11 year old daughter gets home and starts watching over my shoulder for about 2 minutes and then says, "Mom, you just have to....." Yeah, I felt pretty silly after having looked at the thing for over an hour!

I wish the risque pages weren't there so I could let my kids do it... All my kids were in the room when I hit level 39... glad only my 16 year old daughter was paying attention to what I was doing! My 16 year old son was working on it until I got to that level and I had to tell him no more...

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Post by Squibbit » 15-09-2006 22:22

Am just recovering from my silly mistake...spent a good long time entering various possibilities for the url on level 29, each time I pressed enter I would get the 'page cannot be displayed' so I'd press 'back' and try again...until I realised my router had kicked me off the internet god only knows how long before :mad:

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Post by Chronon » 26-03-2007 16:46

On level 10, not once did I ever think of looking from the other side (hope that's a little less spoilery), until my little brother suggested it.... *sigh*
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Post by basti1302 » 13-04-2007 21:42

Well, probably not the silliest of the many, many errors I made, but one of the sillier:

On Level 50 after tripping around a bit (if you know what I mean) I stared at the irc chat log for hours... trying to decipher it. Had to go to #notpron channel to have someone telling me what to do... and to show me how unbelievable dumb I am. :mad:


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Post by Hanes » 12-06-2007 20:34

I made two really big mistakes

first in level 9:
I had discovered the answer but I just thought it was another hint, and went through a lot of beatles information:S

and the second was in level 27:
I thought I had the answer, filled it in(probably made a type error) got a 404 error, so I kept trying things, thinking way too far, ended up turning the picture upside down, then I saw numbers in the letters, googling the numbers I ended up with a village somewhere in North Dakota and a road going through the state, costed me a day or three:eek:
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Post by jsolano91 » 11-12-2007 17:26

Mine was on level 22 lol... i just kept thinking hard... until i asked just read the sentence ... i felt so stupid afterwards...

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Post by gamemastertips » 26-09-2008 18:23

I think it was probably on Eta... I tried penis.php lol (no, it did not work)

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