Level MINUS 32

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Re: Level MINUS 32

Postby DiegoMrtnz » 19-07-2017 08:39

nice lvl, only prob is that i'm stuck
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Re: Level MINUS 32

Postby Zirael » 28-07-2017 11:38

Well, I'm pretty stuck here... So far I've noticed some "things" and had some ideas how to "play" with them, but none of them was the right way I guess...
Can I pm someone even just to clarify if I'm anywhere near the right track here?
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Re: Level MINUS 32

Postby amh » 30-07-2017 20:54

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Re: Level MINUS 32

Postby nikgre17 » 07-01-2018 01:53

This looks interesting, let's see how long it takes me.
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