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Posted: 31-08-2006 12:50
by Kisa
I like Tetris :D

Posted: 31-08-2006 14:59
by BunnyS

Posted: 01-09-2006 02:24
by holyhand
well, i just joined this community but i thought ide post anyways. i think everyone here is different, not in the same way but everyone has their own difference

i personaly am not the genius but i try hard when i want to or rly need to, im very athletic and i powerlift and wrestle. people think im older then i am because of as someone said "very grim and sober view on the world." i duno though, i just kinda go with the world but at my own pase, i like music (60s-80s and out of newer stuff i like metal and punk NOT EMO) i like to fight and prove myself because im 5 foot 4 inches. though i am the strongest 112 pounder in the state ^^ i would like to try to work on balancing out academics with athletics, used to be i had a very hard time with athletics and now they come easy to me, academics are fine also i just tend to make some wrong desisions out of lazyness, like forgetting to take more math courses which means il be doing honors algebra 2 and pre calc next year.
i like anime also, evangelion and FLCL so far are the best ive seen

thats me though

Posted: 02-09-2006 22:15
by jooly
Ulf! Hi!

I am different in the same way as everyone else, by the way :D

Posted: 02-09-2006 22:16
by Wings
I am secretly the same person as jooly.

Posted: 02-09-2006 22:18
by Kisa
Of course :D

But I'm pretty sure she is not you :)

Posted: 21-09-2006 16:21
by Shenmue
Ok, I've named my favorite movies, now it's time for my favorite fantasy books. Yeah, I know that only 0.00001% of the users here on this forum is interested in what I think about fantasy books. But it doesn't matter, no one needs to read it. That's why I'm online on Catahya, to write my opinion about fantasy books. Call me boring, or dull or whatever, it's me.

1: Robin Hobb: She is at the moment the best fantasy author I can think of. Mainly because she makes you scarily absorbed in the characters and the plot. Her language is very emotional and deep. Some would probably call it boring since it can go 20 pages without anything real happening, and it can go too far sometimes, I agree, but it does give depth to the characters in a way that I have never encountered elsewhere. She makes even the most evil of persons seem human, and the edges of a spoon exciting.

2: George RR Martin: If someone had asked this question to me a year ago I would have said that Martin beat Hobb without difficulty. That was before he wrote A Feast for Crows. Martin is the author of A Song of Ice and Fire, an extremely complex and complicated serie with over a thousand characters. There is no good VS evil, white VS dark, which I have grown so tired of lately. Instead you can only yourself chose who you hope will win, but prepare yourself that that person can die the next chapter. It is a quite dark and depressing read, but I like that. :) As I said, A feast for Crows, the fourth book, was a major let-down compared to the previous three, but I still recommend Martin with my whole heart, since he has written two of the best books I have ever read.

3: Robert Jordan: This was the hardest one to choose. Jordan and his The Wheel of Time. The serie is long, (eleven books so far) and the further you get into it the slower the wheel turns. But he is at the moment working on the last one so soon it will end. Jordan is extremely slowpaced, but the story makes well up for that. It is a very good plot, even if it is good VS evil. So if you want a good story, and do not care that you have to read a whole book (Crossroads of Twillight) where absolutely nothing happens, then The wheel of time is something for you.

Both Neil Gaiman and Roger Zelazny were close to enter the list. Neil Gaiman because he has written a fantastic mythological- inspired book, and Roger Zelazny for Amber.

So, it's over now. You can open your eyes again. ;) I did not write all this to preach, or anything like that, I just hope that someone might read through this and maybe learn something new. :)
Don't worry, it's only Video games left before I've written about all my interests here, and then I'm done. ;)

Posted: 28-09-2006 13:07
by jooly
Damn, I spoiled my secret.

Posted: 28-09-2006 13:09
by Kisa
Just like Jekyll and Hyde, eh?

Posted: 11-06-2007 20:43
by whistlesong
How would you describe your personality?
I'm very depending, and afraid of loneliness. I don't know how to describe myself. But I think that I often look for the smartest solution to different problems, and I try to predict what's going to happend.. Or something like that :rolleyes:

What interests have you got (beside notpr0n of course)?ยด
My biggest interest is dance. And to express myself in different ways

What do you like to do on vacation and leisure time?
Relax and do things by my own free will

Do you like to watch sports?
Nah, not really

Do you like Video or Computer games? What kind of games?
I only play Heroes of Might and magic. A strategy game.

Do you like to read? What kind of books?
Yep. All kinds of books, but mostly detective novels or fantasy.

What kind of movies do you like?
Lots of different genres, but not scary movies. I don't know the name for the genre in English ;)

What kind of music?
Almost everything.

I hope my answer is helpful in some way ;)

Posted: 11-06-2007 21:16
by ulf_h
Hi whistlesong!
Thank you for answering my questions!

And you're from Stockholm like me. Nice!:p


Posted: 12-06-2007 07:19
by whistlesong
My pleasure ;)

Actually, I'm from a suburb north of Stockholm but I say that I'm from Stockholm ;p

Posted: 12-06-2007 09:55
by Taurah
How would you describe your personality?
enthusiastic, sometimes a little too much. I tend to get carried away and engage in 3000 different projects all at once, and then I have to run to keep up with all the obligations. I never learn though ;)

What interests have you got (beside notpr0n of course)?
I'm a teacher, so I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what would hold my students' interest. Otherwise, I love snowboarding, cycling, horseback riding even though I'm badly allergic to horses, traveling around...

What do you like to do on vacation and leisure time? What are those words? Leisure time? Vacation? I'm always planning out my lessons or correcting the latest exams... In the best case scenario, I spend a weekend at my bestfriend's and sleep.

Do you like to watch sports? Nope, like to do sports though :D

Do you like Video or Computer games? What kind of games? There I have to admit that whenever I find the time (which is not enough considering the price it costs me), I like to log on World of Warcraft for a while... Big Tetris fan, like Kisa, as well as Lolo, which was released on Nintendo 8bits and which I still plax quite often. Another kind of riddle in itself, love it!

Do you like to read? What kind of books? Children lit mainly, simply cause I'm always trying to find new stuff for my students. Love Steinbeck, Guy Gavriel Kay, the first few of Martin's latest series...

What kind of movies do you like? I tend to be cheesy when it comes to movies. Basically anything with Cusack in it, old children movies (Land Before Time, and the Dog who Stopped the War... all time favorites).

What kind of music? Whatever suits my mood best at the end of the day!

Posted: 14-06-2007 09:05
by supamom
Hi Taurah!

I've not logged on to here for ages, but saw this thread and read a little. I saw that you play WoW, have you tried Guild Wars? That is online but is free to play once you have brought and loaded the game. In my opinion, it's 100 times better than WoW.


Posted: 14-06-2007 16:33
by Taurah
Actually tried GuildWars, but had a hard time figuring how to set up my character and his/her skills, maybe because I got the high level character during the week end before the extension was released... Now, I kind of stick to WoW because of the friends on there, would feel bad to let the down :(