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Posted: 01-06-2005 18:34
by ulf_h
NICE! Another level to solve! :D

EDIT: Quite easy, I think! :p

Posted: 01-06-2005 19:09
by Veloxiraptor
Mmm...nice and simple. :)

Posted: 01-06-2005 19:42
by steviehouse
got it in a couple of minutes, nice idea

Posted: 01-06-2005 19:53
by Springer
REALLY enjoyed this one. :)
It didn't hurt me eyes!! :D

Posted: 01-06-2005 22:34
by jooly
Nice, if a little simple. But more fair!

Posted: 02-06-2005 03:34
by Jay2k1
A little simple perhaps, yes. But I loved it! It has that "head-meets-desk" effect on step 2 :D

Posted: 02-06-2005 21:23
by Wayfarer
Hurrah another easy one and Temp End for only my second time.

Hope it doesn't last too long :D

Posted: 03-06-2005 18:43
by svatik
hi there :)
I could finally catch you guys up! :)

the last time I saw the temp-end page was somewhere around -20, then I went for vacation, came back and it lasted until today...

@David: as I entered the epsilon level and figured out that the original "headache" word doesn't work, I started to laugh, because I knew, the new one would be something about me :)... coool :)
look forward to the new ones..

Posted: 03-06-2005 20:25
by Wayfarer
Hi again! Nice to see you here ;)

Nice levels both - I especially liked your Epsilon! :D

Posted: 03-06-2005 22:58
by unrealtiger
Omg that was so simple!!!If i wasn't given a small hint i wouldn't get it though because i was thinking it too hard!!!
I think my braincells have started vanishing from studying ;)

Posted: 04-06-2005 06:15
by paoenjoy
Greattt !!!

simple but nice


Posted: 02-07-2005 13:36
by Nicky
This seems too easy for me :lol:
Im on step 2 i think but my head has not met the desk yet, hope it does soon so I can catch up :D

Posted: 06-09-2005 16:45
by BunnyS
well step one done ....erm not sure how mind you !

so now im :confused:

Posted: 06-09-2005 16:48
by frkyjenn
You aren't done yet? Jeez ;)

You can pm me if you need help.


Posted: 06-09-2005 16:54
by BunnyS
I should of timed myself with this riddle I bet I have taken the longest!!! :D