Meeting notprOners

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Post by Kisa » 04-12-2006 21:10

I'm no rapist either :D

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Post by Shenmue » 05-12-2006 11:56

encalien wrote: i'm sorry if it sounded like that, it wasn't directed against anyone. and i also didn't say you shouldn't use the thread, only that it wouldn't be needed if it was only between friends. i appoligise for the misunderstanding
i guess i just feel left out becouse this way i couldn't meet anyone (if it's just between friends), since i'm not good at making friends online as i don't trust the internet image =)

Yes, I understand the way you look at it too, it's not just the way I see it. It's really uninteresting to me whether a person plays Counter strike or Notpron, and a big meeting where I don't know anyone would probably just bore me. Of course, I do understand why people would think otherwise, and I wish you good luck for your big plans, because I think you'll need it.

The Freud inside me would probably just say that I complained at your plans because my own failed.

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Post by specialk » 07-01-2007 02:09

Hi @ all...

I've just been pushed into notpron tonight by a friend and found it quite amazing...
Since I got stuck in level 6 I came to this forum to look for some hints and stumbled over this thread - finding I would like to meet some people who try to solve notprone (or allready did)...

Usually I would agree with Shenmue - I'm not that shy but don't like to meet too many not yet known people at once.... but on the other side I agree with encalien's statement "why would anybody write me pms" especially since I'm a complete newbie to the forum (plus notprone)....

Sooooo.... any suggestions?

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Post by Kisa » 07-01-2007 11:19

Well, we have two interesting threads (besides several others, go and browse through this forum ;)):

What are notpr0ners like? and We never had a "show your ugly mug" thread, eh?

Read them, post your part and maybe tell people what you'd like to talk about :) Maybe someone else is interested in the same things as you? Who knows :) It's just an idea, but worth a try, don't you think? :)

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Post by fairplayer » 07-01-2007 11:27


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Post by Springer » 07-01-2007 20:45

jooly wrote:

I should post some images of Kisa and I galavanting around in Dusseldorf etc as soon as I get them off my camera.
Looking forward to those pics. :D
My best friends are internet friends, we have so much in common. :)

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Post by fairplayer » 07-01-2007 22:02

Yeah post them! :devil: :D

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