Worst game ever

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Worst game ever

Post by XExtrinsicX » 29-06-2005 04:11

The makers of this game are clearly sadistic. The hints are obscure. Unless you know [semi spoiler removed] you'll never make beyond level 4 and honestly, why would anyone want to? Boring and frustrating best describes the game. Go buy Battlefield 2 if you want to play something, this game sucks.
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Post by blacknova » 29-06-2005 04:25

...It's people like you that makes games like these so successful. We don't need to know 90 percent of what we learn in this game, but we learn it anyway, for the sheer pleasure of learning and having fun with the lessons. Your opinion, while valid, is overwhelmingly the minority in this forum. I must admit, that you...are foolish for offering that opinion to this forum so bluntly, but at the same very brave. I suggest you go back you your "more fun", but far less interesting games.

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Post by nighthawk263 » 29-06-2005 04:27

Well first of all thankyou for the partial spoiler in your post. Secondly no one has ever told you you had to play this. Obviously but the numbers on the start page and the large number of people who have completed this there is a fair amount of people who enjoy it.
This game tests your computer skills as well and also teaches you new ones. As for the comment you made about level four that is why there is google bars, if you don't know somehting right off hand look it up. And as far as the hiunts given to you, what did you want him to do, tell you exactly how to do waht it is you are trying to do? Hints for what you don't understand are posted on here within reason, but we are not going to give ansers away. All of us have worked through this puzzle on our own with only the hints given on the levels and listed in the forum.
I don't believe that anyone also has ever said that this riddle was noty frustrating. Infact over the course of time many people have hated the created because of it, to great extents also. But if you are intelligent to understand what is going on in this riddle or at least the knowledge of how to use a search engine,then you will have no problem working though the frustration.

And like I said no one ever said you had to play this, if you don't, thats up to you.....

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Post by Zelkin » 29-06-2005 04:40

Frustrating, yet addicting and gratifying when you complete a riddle. I wouldn't be on 62 if I didn't enjoy it.

There's my two cents that won't last long. I bet this thread gets deleted in due time.

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Post by frkyjenn » 29-06-2005 04:49

I was going to delete this thread.. but instead I removed the semi spoiler in his post.

He took the time to register and to post this thread.. let's let him be heard ;)

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Post by DavidM » 29-06-2005 06:52

its not about knowing all, its about having enough clues to use the internet to learn it. everybody is able to make it, there are always ways. if you totally block new knowledge etc, you sure will get frustrated in level 4

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Post by supamom » 29-06-2005 09:26

Why did he go to the bother of registering just to post that comment. It's blatently obvious that this is an enourmously popular riddle game, the amount of people posting here everyday surely speaks for itself!

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Post by gasthatsmells » 29-06-2005 17:19

I dunno, while I can definitely see someone not liking this "game". (I like to think of it as an experience) I'm the kinda guy that likes to figure things out. There's like a sense of accomplishment when you pass what seems to be an impossible level.

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Post by Jay2k1 » 30-06-2005 00:35

gasthatsmells wrote: I dunno, while I can definitely see someone not liking this "game". (I like to think of it as an experience) I'm the kinda guy that likes to figure things out. There's like a sense of accomplishment when you pass what seems to be an impossible level.

Couldnt have said it a better way

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Post by snackbar » 30-06-2005 05:27

I get really frustated at times, frkyjenn's seens my posts, if not downright cranky :) But I sure am addicted. Best game I've played online.

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Post by jooly » 30-06-2005 12:07

The worst thing about this game is waiting for new levels!::Pfffff::

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Post by snowboarder13 » 31-07-2005 21:16

i don't understand... i LIKE to learn new things. it's fun to figure something out that i never knew before. sure it can be frustrating but it's so extremely satisfying to get past a tough level. well, "to each his own"

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Post by LONE.SC » 06-08-2005 20:46

I completed this riddle 3 days ago. I´ve been working on it since March and I´ve been cheering, ripping my hair out, almost crying, moaning, missing a lot of sleep and missing a lot of meals. BUT I wouldn´t have missed it for anything.

I have learnt so much about my computer and myself.

Why XExtrinsicX posts such a negative message must be because he (like a misbehaved little kid) needs the attention.

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Post by Mexican_Minded » 08-08-2005 18:47

well, as everybody is free to post their own opinion I guess XExtrinsicX got lost in level 4 and just gave up.
In my very personal opinion, I have learnt a LOT, you cant say you know a lot of computers, internet, photoshop, browsers, sources, pictures, layers, music, cords, history, etc etc until you play this god damn riddle (god damn in the best way ever), of course you get frustraited, you are no superman or bill gates or DAVID!! (pssh), and this is what you are supposed to do, LEARN and learn a lot.
For me, this is twice as hard as english is not my native language so sometimes i have to use traslators, my very poor computer skills and my brain in a 100%. (this is why my brain cells are slowly dieing).
I think this game is for self satisfaction, as no one is making me do it, I can say I have learnt A LOT.
thanks everybody for make this game possible :D

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Post by JM » 27-08-2005 17:47

A fine example of cranial capacity vs adrenaline... with cranial capacity largely favored.