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Post by DavidM » 28-07-2005 19:55

The end is up...one year after the beginning, it's finally done.
If you ever get there, you can prove to be creative...

...and receive this, to stick it into your vita and applications.

But don't bother with cheating. The countless cheater traps that are scattered all over the internet make it impossible. They log your info and exclude you from it.
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Post by junimond_ » 28-07-2005 20:02

/me claps

thx again - it was a fantastic year!

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Post by Nicky » 28-07-2005 20:04

Claps too :D

Best riddle ever
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Post by Wayfarer » 28-07-2005 20:06

It was life changing stuff no question...

Thanks again and Farewell to Notpron!

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Post by ladytango » 28-07-2005 21:17

please keep the end up until I get there ::Pfffff::

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Post by Nicky » 28-07-2005 21:19

DavidM wrote: If you ever get there, you can prove to be creative.

I think that means its staying up :D

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Post by grinding_to_a_halt » 28-07-2005 22:08

Thanks David,

I may have been late to the table, but I'm glad I could be there in time for dessert...

</strained metaphor>


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Post by snowboarder13 » 28-07-2005 22:15

aww man it's over? every time i finish a level, a new one comes out. it's great because i never catch up. but now i will actually be able to finish. =( oh well, thanks for everything, david. this truly is an amazing riddle.

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Post by buckscar182 » 28-07-2005 22:49

every good thing has an end right? :p

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Post by Kisa » 28-07-2005 22:56

Too bad, but you're right. Only things that are not good have no end ...

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Post by Kamerolifant » 28-07-2005 22:58

Thanks David for a good time! Although I'm not sure if I've really found the last level... I've found a picture with "The last one this is".

Are you going to finish your book? I'd like to close this Notpron chapter in style!

Thanks again!

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Post by Lizardman » 29-07-2005 00:49


Thanks for ALL the levels and a EXCELLENT work :p

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Post by JM » 29-07-2005 00:52


Thanks, David.

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Post by vincent_tlc7 » 29-07-2005 03:40

so sad.. i'm not with the negatives yet.. but the end is done?!
i'LL be rAciNG tiLL thE eNd!! haha!!

</headaches> (hehE)
<notpr0n2> hehe..

-i'LL cOnqUeR nOtpRon tOo!!-

,,, o_0 ,V,,

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Post by Sam_Atoms » 29-07-2005 04:01

Aw..... no MU?

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