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Post by theak » 29-07-2005 04:26

the MU is inside you.

in other news...david sucks....he took countless hours away from me, and for what?

shame on you, shame.

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Post by Sam_Atoms » 29-07-2005 05:14

theak wrote: the MU is inside you.
LOL, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one familiar with Zen Buddhism here.

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Post by TheGemini » 29-07-2005 08:17

*sad* its over
*proud* to have made it
*thankfull* for the days, weeks and months of fun

I'll miss this

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Post by Faldion » 29-07-2005 08:26

I cannot put it better than buckscar182 and Kisa did... But this is a truly marvellous thing, and I'm glad for not finishing it yet!

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Post by elvisyo » 29-07-2005 11:58

Well, all been said before me, then I'll only say that you trully deserve every superlative, not only for making this amazing riddle (that even made me learn how to create a website!), but for founding this one great thing that united all this fantastic people from all over the globe together - IN FUN!
I'll keep up after your work. one day soon I know, you will come up with something even better.

Good luck!

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Post by Kisa » 29-07-2005 12:22

You're right! This global community stuff was the best part :)

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Post by Springer » 29-07-2005 12:44

Kisa wrote: You're right! This global community stuff was the best part :)

Yup! And will continue to be so. :)

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Post by Veloxiraptor » 29-07-2005 13:48

I'm ambivalent. On one hand, I'll never see another Notpr0n level again. On the other, it sure is nice to be able to go on vacation now and not think to myself, "SHIT! I'm probably missing a whole bunch of Notpr0n levels!"

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Post by Maniak » 29-07-2005 14:09

Ah, so this is the end. And you didn't even use all of the Greek letters! Oh well. Been a great time, David. You've proven to me that there's a lot more to life than what's obvious ;)

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Post by aic2276 » 29-07-2005 16:58

Just wanted to say thank you for all the time and effort you put into this so we could have something to learn about. Is it sad that this is the end, yes, but life goes on. I'll still hang around to offer others help if they need it. Congratulations on one hell of a riddle. Well done. :p

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Post by veryhardgame » 30-07-2005 03:37

Thanks for everything david! I hate to see it end though.

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Post by Kiz » 30-07-2005 07:03

O.o It's over?


well... thanks for a great game, DavidM! \o/


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Post by nighthawk263 » 30-07-2005 13:44

The end of NotPron....how sad! Well thank you David for the sharing your creative mind with us (even if it put us through torment at times).

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Post by DavidM » 31-07-2005 09:10

you asked for torment, so that's fine! *evil face*

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Post by Nicky » 31-07-2005 20:50

A little torment never hurt anyone :D

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