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Posted: 15-06-2006 21:50
by Strubbeli's high time i'm allowed to write down my comment, was more than a year ago when i started march 2005 or so...but then i got stuck on 36 and gave up for 'bout half a year...and in the autumn my friend and i went on to -35 ...stuck again...for nearly half a year...and now, finally...we made our way through!!!
still can't believe it :)

thanks to all the people who were there to help me:) it was great fun and i enjoyed it very much!

Posted: 17-06-2006 11:53
by Shenmue
It took me a year, but now I am finally done. I can't say I'm really happy for it, though, I would more than happy do a few more levels (as long they aren't as hard as Lambda). :) It has been a terrific year. :D

Of course I wouldn't have solved notpron if it hadn't been for all the great help I got from so many people. Kisa, for example, she helped me on a lot of levels, and I can say for sure that I wouldn't have solved it without her. Thanks al lot Kisa! :P

I want to thank Sam atoms too, he helped me on many too. And Orio (for -4, and -44), Strubbeli (for lambda), and Honey bunny (for 52 and 72)

Many more have helped me, but it would be tedious to name them all. :D I don't want to make this to some kind of ridiculous oscar speech, where they start to thank the family too, so I just stop here. :D

Posted: 17-06-2006 12:26
by Kisa
There are more riddles you can solve if you feel like it ;) Just start one and see if it gets you :)

Posted: 17-06-2006 12:32
by Shenmue
Ah, I don't know. I'm sure they are all great and so, but I don't think I will ever get as hooked with them, as I got with Notpron.

Posted: 17-06-2006 13:01
by Sam_Atoms
Congratulations! And thank YOU too, for going back and helping me finish off the new Lambda. So I am here. Again.

I would say that jooly is right about the true difficulty. It's just diabolical. :cool:

Posted: 17-06-2006 18:52
by Strubbeli
Shenmue wrote: Ah, I don't know. I'm sure they are all great and so, but I don't think I will ever get as hooked with them, as I got with Notpron.

word! :D i started two or three just to see but i gave them up...i think it's like starting to read a new must want to like it, otherwise they have no chance to catch you after the first two pages

Posted: 19-06-2006 10:42
by Shenmue
I sent David a mail about the certificate two days ago, he still hasn't answered, so I wonder how long this usually is supposed to take. I remember the paying procedure, where I waited a long time, just to understand that he had taken my mail for spam or something like that.

Posted: 19-06-2006 10:44
by Orio
I suppose he is busy. Dont worry, he'll get to it :)


Posted: 19-06-2006 10:45
by Shenmue
Yeah, hopefully. :D

Posted: 21-06-2006 15:00
by Shenmue
Now it is five days since I sent him the mail .... I suppose I'm just impatient. :)

Posted: 21-06-2006 19:14
by Orio
Dont worry, I am sure he is not ignoring you :)


Posted: 21-06-2006 19:19
by Kisa
He isn't, he said he's just busy.

Posted: 22-06-2006 02:15
by dodireri
Congrats guys :p

I waited 5 days, so, don't worry.

Posted: 26-06-2006 09:07
by Shenmue
Yeah, I received it the same day I wrote that thing. Just been offline for some time. :D Now it is finally mine!

Posted: 15-10-2006 09:36
by Shenmue
Why does it stand Notpron has 141 levels in the first page suddenly? For one second I thought David had added two more, until I saw that that was not the case. :(

But why? There are only 139 levels, or has he hidden two more somewhere?