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Posted: 31-01-2008 21:10
by SpudY2K
Well it's good to finally have seen the end of the game, that's something I never thought would happen. Strangely though my moral doesn't seem to be there.

Posted: 31-01-2008 21:28
by .:alamar:.
maybe your moral was too moral


Posted: 31-01-2008 22:03
by SpudY2K
Well I finally got one up, I think you should be able to tell which is mine.

Posted: 31-01-2008 22:08
by .:alamar:.
hehe, nice one.. odd that you needed that.

even for quiting the game it took us some evil ninja-haX0r-power ;o)

Posted: 13-02-2008 01:07
by .:alamar:.

finally! *dance*

i glued it on the wall right under the sourcecode of my brute-force engine, which i used in the end 8D

Posted: 08-04-2008 09:35
by Ryoga
I'm here too! Finally my mind can go on a vacation :)

Posted: 14-05-2008 02:10
by DarkMaster
Finally we (me and Raiden) finished NotPron, it wasnt easy but we did it.

Finished NotPron: May 13th 2008

Waiting for the certificate.

Posted: 16-07-2008 03:41
by azure
FINALLY! Ive been waiting to get here for so long! This is such a good feeling! Thanks to everyone! notpron is amazing!

Posted: 19-07-2008 18:44
by SpudY2K
Wow, it seems he's added a whole bunch of eggs at the end, well at least I don't remember them being there. Alas they lead nowhere eventually but I guess it's some extra bits to find. I've got to stop dragging myself back here.

Posted: 19-07-2008 20:38
by frkyjenn
nope, they've always been there.

Posted: 19-07-2008 23:12
by SpudY2K
Really? I swore the one with all the images wasn't there when I last checked. I guess I must have overlooked it.

Posted: 20-07-2008 00:51
by azure
haha they're not easy images to overlook if I know which ones you're talking about ;)

Posted: 20-07-2008 01:38
by frkyjenn
SpudY2K wrote: Really? I swore the one with all the images wasn't there when I last checked. I guess I must have overlooked it.

there is so much to find at the end.. I'm not sure what you are referring to. If you want.. you can pm me the URL..

but I can assure you. DavidM has not added anything to notpron in a very very very long time.

Posted: 02-01-2009 23:56
by Cowley
Happy new year. :)

I found </notpron> by accident when I was totally lost in level Kappa.
My moral is already written down there. It's great to have such an end in the end. :)
Time code of this diamond on my harddisk was on 08-Dec-2008.
Weeks later it was time to break level Mu. This was on 02-Jan-2009.


Posted: 03-01-2009 18:00
by Caym
seems that this is the end... but for how long?
many thanks for all this!