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Posted: 03-11-2005 16:04
by DavidM
Just to see if I'm right that nobody would do it.
What is it?
Account based Notpron2, 1€ per month.
Agree or not?
You could also pay 6€ at once for a 6month account.

Payment via: Bank Transfer, Paypal (so easy...), cheque

Why? Because people ask for it, but I just can't afford doing so much work for nothing....people tend to turn hungry and get kicked out of their appartments when they lack money.

I expect a 99% no result \o
only say yes if you really would.

Posted: 03-11-2005 16:11
by jooly
Is that 1 Euro? For some reason symbols aren't displaying on my computer. I would pay, as long as decent quality and original levels were being made regularly.

Posted: 03-11-2005 16:11
by DavidM
yes, euro.

Posted: 03-11-2005 16:11
by Snake-Aes
I would pay in a few months, after I finish notpron 1 XD
I would need a good international payment support tho

Posted: 03-11-2005 16:17
by junimond_
for the reason that i know how much work it is - i would pay.

voted yes.

Posted: 03-11-2005 16:19
by frkyjenn
I'd pay.


Posted: 03-11-2005 16:30
by ulf_h
Sure! I would pay!!!!

Posted: 03-11-2005 17:05
by Jay2k1

Posted: 03-11-2005 17:23
by Rincewind SW
Snake-Aes wrote: I would pay in a few months, after I finish notpron 1 XD
I would need a good international payment support tho

lol, Agreed. If I was assured of constant original and creative levels! If I would be able to solve them. I voted "Yes but the payment is too complicated". I don't like paying for stuff over the internet. Otherwise the price is just right! Sounds good!

Posted: 03-11-2005 17:25
by Eka
Boo, sounds like another walkthrough to write.

Only joking :D I think if it was paid for cheaters wouldn't bother with it

Posted: 03-11-2005 18:32
by BunnyS
Awww I would if I had a job, and some money ^^

Also if it wasn't so complicated ...(I'm easliy confused :P )

Posted: 03-11-2005 18:36
by steviehouse
I sure would pay that, as soon as I have finished notpron after my long break. May even help out one or two friends who can't pay ;)

Posted: 03-11-2005 18:38
by Orio
Voted too complicated, but if it will realy good I can mange something :)
Of course, like Sanke said, I need to finish notpron1 (Check sig, I am not too far).


Posted: 03-11-2005 18:57
by DavidM
sure, the problem i able to satisfy people? can i kick out enough and good enough stuff? i could just go on as before.
but paying would give people a reason to moan at quality etc....which never was the case so far

Posted: 03-11-2005 19:00
by Snake-Aes
you would have to release many levels at once, like 40 or 50... with some special care to them.Like always suggestions should be accepted when they're good enough ^.^