How long did you need for level 22?

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How long did you need for level 22?

less than 5 minutes
5 - 30 minutes
30 - 60 minutes
more than 60 minutes
Total votes: 176

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Rincewind SW
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Post by Rincewind SW » 08-11-2005 17:27

Hex wrote: I loved the egg :D
"Cellular Modular Interactive-odular!"

The egg OWNZ. It's but modified... :eek: and funnier! I had it open so I could hear the sound for about 30 minutes, then I was told to turn it down. :lol:

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Post by Orio » 08-11-2005 17:53

So I guess now you cant stop yourself singing all day...


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Rincewind SW
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Post by Rincewind SW » 08-11-2005 18:16

You are right, Orio.

It's no baloney... It ain't a pony! My cellular... bananular phooooone!

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Post by Sam_Atoms » 09-11-2005 03:14

Hmmm...... maybe 40 seconds.

It would have taken longer if I'd found the banana phone sooner.

Ace cCc
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Post by Ace cCc » 09-11-2005 19:04

took me about 2 to 3 weeks xD

i just thought too difficult -_-'''

that was the hardest lvl for me, really

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Post by Nordlicht » 15-11-2005 00:42

Orio wrote: just type phone.htm

That is the best thing since sliced bread! I think I needed that one now :D The badgerbadgerbadger thing is just very annoying, this one is... cute. Ok, it's a quarter to one in the night.

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Post by armik » 17-11-2005 00:44

It took me more than 30 minutes for sure, maybe even more than one hour. But I managed to google some stuff that looked like it was a part of the answer. I was blind, I admit.

But the song was worth it :)


Post by junimond_ » 17-11-2005 10:02

something to laugh for all of you: i needed two days :P

i made it over one year ago. it was the last level this time. the way to solve it was a bit more complicated *cough*. you had to decode windings then you came up with a cell phone number (the ring ring thing was an egg for it) and you had to send an sms with ur email adress to that number. then you got an email reply: The answer is ... :) the old screen with the supanova can still be found there - but the number is blacked out now.

it was a really good level - and still is :)

edit: dunno if that still counts - but i voted...just to mess up the statistic hehe :D

/me waves to Jay2k1 :devil:
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Post by Kisa » 17-11-2005 10:05


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Post by Jay2k1 » 17-11-2005 17:31

lol ^^

/me waves back :)

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Post by stalker314314 » 20-11-2005 19:10

it also took me two is just not fer:)...
that was just too easy when I look at it now
like "right in your face" but you are too smart to try that

P.S. best place to hide something is in front of everyone:D

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Post by 1 2 3 4 » 20-11-2005 21:52

took me about 3 minutes, 2 of those 3 were for loadnig the song :)

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Post by w0mbat » 24-12-2005 02:51

rofl! this is so cool :D got a little confused at first, but didn't take long ;)
peanutbutterjellybananaphonetime :D

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Post by Benbuben » 24-12-2005 12:29

Yeah, this level rules, and that egg is supa... :) I was laughing longer, than I needed to solve it... :) But egg in 50 is better. :D

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Rincewind SW
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Post by Rincewind SW » 24-12-2005 13:02

At the end in the source? Yeah I enjoyed that though bananaphone is better!

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