New Players

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Post by BunnyS » 23-02-2006 13:32

Well I guess you will soon be joining the few that have finished then :D

oh and good luck ! the last few are a nightmare (imo) hehe

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Post by Shadow_Ranger » 23-02-2006 13:56


Nah, I'm stuck on level 12 :(

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Post by Seth_Angelous » 23-02-2006 14:17

janni93 wrote: Ushuaia? ;)

nop, Punta Arenas, Chile... Why????
do u know Ushuaia???

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Post by meep98324 » 23-02-2006 22:28

i dunno, after you beat delta they get pretty easy imo. Beta through Delta were evil though.

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Re: New Players

Post by Runa » 24-02-2006 11:04

theCrusifix wrote:
and by the way, HOW IS EVERYONE? I HATE WORK, SCHOOL, and Miss beeing on here daily.

Welcome back and yeah, I AGREE!! Hate school!!! And hate having trouble 'cause of school stress (my mind is screaming and don't wanna think... lvl 65 must wait :confused: :mad: :mad: )
[Well, hope to finish the game in a year :lol: ]

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Post by MBolus » 25-02-2006 03:59

meep98324 wrote: Beta through Delta were evil though.

Yeah, Gamma was unpleasant. Delta took some steps, but was fun.

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