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Posted: 28-05-2006 12:27
by Shenmue
Ha, ha, ha. Eggs in a can of beans.
Yeah, I usually go to the store, open every single can of beans there, to search for eggs. I'm pretty eccentric, you know.

Posted: 28-05-2006 17:50
by filipa_lpg
:P is being a notproner healthy?

Posted: 28-05-2006 18:22
by Shenmue
Can't see how it can be, really. :) Well, for your brain maybe...

Posted: 28-05-2006 18:25
by chulen
definitely not for your skull... :D

Posted: 28-05-2006 18:32
by Shenmue
Ha, ha, ha. It depends I suppose. I have never smashed my head against anything because of it ... yet. :D

PS to anyone who didn't understand: That thing I wrote about checking every single can of beans to check for eggs ... it was a joke, that's not being eccentric ... that's being mad!

Posted: 29-05-2006 05:16
by anand
YOU are notproner if evry single time a page of any site loads up..and apears slowly on your comp. screen your heart beat goes up.............

and YA i now have this habit of checking EXIF metadata of every picture i come across........if no photoshop i do it on wordpad.....:)

Posted: 29-05-2006 08:12
by Kisa
Pah, wordpad, I prefer Notepad if I don't have access to my favorite Exif reader :D

Posted: 29-05-2006 08:40
by anand
well in wordpad its less messy.......
everything is aligned.......but i cant argue with an software eng.:D

Posted: 29-05-2006 11:54
by i
0. you have strange people on your icq contact list.
-1. you add -notpron to every google request.
-2. you start donating to people multiples of 13,37€.
-3. each time someone asks you a question, you ask him whether you are supposed to google.
alpha. you make lists with negative numbers.

Posted: 29-05-2006 11:55
by Kisa

Posted: 31-05-2006 03:35
by steverransom