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You might be a Notproner if..........

Posted: 22-05-2006 22:49
by steverransom
1. You have a away message that says "notproning".....
2.You've downloaded and know all the words to bananaphone......
3.If your Notpron group has its own language....
4.You want to check the source code for your homework.....
5.If every time you see a clock or a remote control you want to scream....
6.If you know the significance of the time 1:15....
7.Notpron has caused fights with your significant other....
8.If you feel like sending David Muennich birthday cards....
9.If you feel like sending David Muennich hate mail.....
10.You never cook with fucking pans again....
11.Your computer has crashed due to DNA transcription progams, Google Earth, Adobe Photoshop, etc.....
12.You now Know your way around London's underground tube system.....
13.You can now read Braille, morse code and sign language.......

Hope you enjoy!
Feel free to add to the list!

Posted: 23-05-2006 00:10
by snackbar
haha, did u come up with all that?

my way of knowing: i began having dreams with david in them..really, we had a discussion abou that.

Posted: 23-05-2006 00:11
by DavidM
learn to spell my name :o
either münnich or muennich
nothing else

plus whats 2:15?

Posted: 23-05-2006 00:16
by Nicky
Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring bananaphone
ring ring ring ring ring ring ring bananaphone
I got this feeling,
so appealing,
for us to get together and sing

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring bananaphone
ding dong ding dong ding dong ding donanaphone
etc. :D

Posted: 23-05-2006 00:38
by meep98324
many many good hints in this thread, though mostly in retrospect :D

How about a hate for dinosaurs? :)

Posted: 23-05-2006 00:55
by steverransom
First of all sorry david on the spelling of your name, second me and my notpron "group" came up with these and alot more but we wanted to see what you guys come up with and the 2:15 was a misprint I meant to type 1:15 and it's the time on the clock in level 43.

P.S. Here is a new one, me and my group have announced January 15th(from the clock in 43 [1=Jan. 15=15th]) as the unofficial Notpron day! We even celebrated it this year.

P.S.S. If you have created a mixed drink and named it notpron.

Posted: 23-05-2006 00:57
by steverransom
The notpron: recipe

2 Two liters sprite
2 Frozen lemonade concentrates
1 half gallon vodka

mix in water cooler with spout, serve cold:)

Posted: 23-05-2006 01:24
by snackbar
and a dallop of saurkraut

Posted: 23-05-2006 01:34
by DavidM
good idea, i'll mix a fancy drink and make it the official notpron drink

Posted: 23-05-2006 01:34
by steverransom
we have drank that drink at many notpron parties

Posted: 23-05-2006 02:06
by steverransom
We are gonna take the top ten from all the responses and make a t-shirt out of it, so please, respond all you think of!

Posted: 23-05-2006 02:09
by meep98324
Have you finished notpron yet? You may want to wait until you finish it, because there are many many headaches in the negatives and greeks :)

*shudders at delta and -34*

Posted: 23-05-2006 02:18
by steverransom
true i'll wait until i'm done to pick those,
but in the mean!!!!!

Posted: 23-05-2006 05:57
by andyfrank
Wait a sec....I'm a notpronner, and I don't get 1:15's signifigance...

And you should change the subway one. It should be more like this:

12.You can't take a subway through London without going insane...

That was my worst level...It took like 2 weeks (T.T)

Posted: 23-05-2006 06:16
by anand
that banana phone song is still stuck in my HEAD
rrrring rrring rrring.................................