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Posted: 05-06-2006 22:56
by DavidM
well imo the bible....argh.

i dont understand why people so much rely on that book.
when they dunno what to do they go "the bible says blah blah"...

say hi to your brain and get thinking and you might notice that no book can claim to be 'the truth'(tm) or something :P
argh sorry... i go nuts when its about that stuff.

Posted: 05-06-2006 23:38
by snackbar
I've never read it, and I consider myself to be a dispicable, morality barren, sinner.
hmm, maybe there's some truth to it after all.

Posted: 05-06-2006 23:40
by frkyjenn
The bible was "translated" by man (different men, different translations, different meanings, different religions)

I don't believe a word the "bible" says. :)

Posted: 05-06-2006 23:42
by snackbar
awww, i love you too jenneever.

Posted: 05-06-2006 23:47
by frkyjenn
I was wondering when you were going to notice that.

It's been up there for a like a week or two. :D

Posted: 05-06-2006 23:50
by snackbar
hah, yeah three cheers for my outstanding observation abilities.

Posted: 06-06-2006 00:08
by DavidM
snackbar wrote: maybe there's some truth to it after all.

sure, a lot of it is good. but a lot is junk.
using the bible instead of your brain like many do it...ugh :o

Posted: 06-06-2006 00:48
by snackbar
my brain is rotted all to hell anyway, i stuff my skull with tissue paper and used gum.

Posted: 06-06-2006 08:45
by Kisa
Well, at least there is some use for used gum :D

Posted: 06-06-2006 09:42
by i
if the bible would happen to be completely true, it would still not be a good choice to use it instead of one's brain...

Posted: 06-06-2006 10:09
by BrinGer
God > all

Posted: 06-06-2006 14:01
by DavidM
how can god be bigger than all, if god IS all?

Posted: 06-06-2006 14:40
by froggy
∞ ≥ god ≥ 0


edit: i had to learn about unicode for this post :)

Posted: 06-06-2006 14:56
by Strubbeli
:offtopic: :lol:

hm...i think people who rely too much to the bible they're just not able to live their lives alone, to be responsible for everything they do asf. it's just funny how many people shouted against the davinci code, just because it questions the bible...

Posted: 06-06-2006 16:10
by froggy
isn't this the perfect thing to discuss on the most satanic date in this millenium? :D