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Posted: 27-09-2006 00:08
by meep98324
care to fix that then? :)

Posted: 27-09-2006 00:12
by veryhardgame
Fixed :)

Posted: 27-09-2006 14:27
by Orio
Spoilers are still there... =/


Posted: 27-09-2006 14:29
by Kisa
well, even if you deleted them now, it's too late. They were still there in older versions.

Posted: 27-09-2006 16:32
by Rincewind SW
I asked David about those and he said that I should keep them, with Spoiler tags. I noticed that somebody reverted the edit back to the one I made, using vandalproof software. It picked up on how you blanked it all. However, it stays with David's consent. :)

Posted: 27-09-2006 16:44
by Kisa
Who the hell needs a software to revert edits?!

Posted: 27-09-2006 16:53
by i
I have edited the thing with the date. It was a half-spoiler to a level beyound #4; I replaced the name by Newton, so that it is a rather mild hint now.

@Kisa: I think the software is there because of some spammers and vandals having their own software...


Posted: 27-09-2006 17:10
by Kisa
You still can just go back to an older version, hit "edit", and then "save changes".
You don't need a software for getting an older version back.

Posted: 27-09-2006 17:55
by Rincewind SW
Ah, but the software checks for updates automatically and if they're nonsense or blanked, it reverts them using its magical editing beams.

Posted: 27-09-2006 20:38
by DavidM
how are these content and top right boxes done? i dont even see them in the source code.
its more firefox which is too stupid to search the edit window.... -_-

Posted: 27-09-2006 20:39
by Kisa
The content box appears automatically once you have more than 3 paragraphs.

Posted: 27-09-2006 21:58
by DavidM
and the top right box (with pics and facts)?

Posted: 27-09-2006 21:59
by Kisa
I have no clue.
Give me an example and I check.

Posted: 27-09-2006 22:20
by Rincewind SW
You do have to code that in. The way I'd do it is to copy and paste some code from similar articles, and edit the info.

Posted: 28-09-2006 11:09
by i
DavidM wrote: and the top right box (with pics and facts)?
Do you mean what is called infobox here? This site uses the music album template. For notpr0n, I would rather guess the CVG template would be useful...