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Notpron nominiert

Posted: 08-11-2007 23:01
by DavidM
Notpron ist in der Kategorie "Bestes Browserspiel" beim nominiert (->Wahl2007 ->Publikumswahl). Dies ist ein Publikumspreis. Jeder kann mitmachen und stimmen für was er will.

Wer ja ein Ding, eine Kategorie in der Anno1701 nicht gewinnt...

Posted: 08-11-2007 23:49
by frkyjenn

*runs off to translate this post*

Posted: 08-11-2007 23:51
by DavidM
quick version: notpron is nominated as best browser game in the german game development price thing and people can vote for it or not.

Posted: 08-11-2007 23:53
by frkyjenn
Oh sure. And here I thought you were talking dirty to me..


BTW-Congrats :)

Posted: 09-11-2007 11:53
by ICeman88
Ay, congrats :D

Posted: 09-11-2007 14:03
by Renoo
Wheeeeeey that's awsome! :D
frkyjenn wrote: Oh sure. And here I thought you were talking dirty to me..


Erm why? :eek:

Posted: 09-11-2007 16:07
by frkyjenn
Renoo wrote: Wheeeeeey that's awsome! :D

Erm why? :eek:

Because David always talks dirty to me.. duh. :rolleyes:

Posted: 09-11-2007 16:55
by Renoo
WHAT? How was I suppose to know that? :eek: :mad:

Wow overreaction... :rolleyes:

Posted: 09-11-2007 17:40
by frkyjenn
I see you lack a sense of humor ;)

Posted: 09-11-2007 19:18
by Renoo

(Damn you asperges! :confused: )

Posted: 09-11-2007 20:40
by SpudY2K
I tried my best to find where to vote but my lack of German vocabulary kinda got in the way. If anyone can tell me where I vote that'd be great.

Posted: 09-11-2007 20:51
by DavidM
You need to sign up etc....
don't worry, it's for Germans, who also should have tested all of the games.