Someone to co-operate with?

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Someone to co-operate with?

Post by whistlesong » 29-12-2007 19:47

Is it against the rules to search for someone to solve notpron with? If it is, I'm very sorry.

Anyway, I'm looking for someone to change ideas with, I'm on level 52 right now so someone that is on/has solved it.

If someone wants to, pm or something and I'll give you my msn :)

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Post by Kisa » 01-01-2008 23:26

Not against the rules, no :) Working in teams of 2 or 3 often has proved to be fun and successful :)
Good luck with your search for teammates!

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Post by dummyisdumb » 02-01-2008 01:26

You have aim? I'm on 81, if that's a little difference.... I can wait till you're there in the meanwhile.

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